NWP Episode 93: Move and Meditate with Kait Hurley of the KAIT App

NWP Episode 93 with Kait Hurley

Kait Hurley is a digital entrepreneur and the founder of the KAIT app & Move + Meditate Method. With a background deeply rooted in wellness and over a decade in the fitness industry, Kait helps students cultivate a stronger, more resilient body and mind. She's proud of the growing global community that's getting behind movement and meditation, and she's thrilled to share something that has been so transformative for her. Kait lives in Portland, OR with her cat Javier and her husband and business partner, Peter Marks. Connect with her on Instagram at @kait.hurley.


In today’s episode we discussed:

  • Kait’s story with anxiety and panic attacks that led her to discover the Move and Meditate Method

  • Inclusivity of all types of movement and all body types found in Kait’s app and why she chose to do this

  • Skills Kait uses to help combat stress and anxiety

  • Kait’s mission to help us all tap into our intuition and inner strength

  • Respecting the origin of dance music and Kait’s desire to respect the cultures that it originated from

  • How fear shows us what is important to us and how to work towards love

  • Kait’s favorite ways to embrace intuitive living and wellness without obsession

  • Summer Reset Challenge launching May 6th


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NWP Episode 93: Move and Meditate with Kait Hurley of the KAIT App