Victoria Myers

Body Image reset is here!

are you ready?

Are you ready to change the way you view your body?

My mission in life is to change the way we as women view our own purpose in the world and show up in a bigger way in our lives. I am a firm believer that applying this first to your own views of yourself is critical in order to apply it on a larger scale.

The purpose of this reset is to help you truly reset your mindset towards your body by giving you the actionable steps you can take in order to do so.


Body image reset features:



The reset will begin by detailing with you my own journey to self love and body acceptance, and what I am asking from you in this journey in your quest to reset the way you view your body and yourself.


A comprehensive e-book containing every detail, step and action I’ve learned from my personal journey and my clinical experience of how to reset your mindset to how you view your body.




The workbook corresponds to the e-book, and guides you through extensive journal prompts to take into action each step, principle and action detailed in the e-book.


It is time to share this information with you…

Once I had embraced intuitive eating, I was still left feeling off about my body. I found myself thinking that tolerating and being neutral towards my body was helpful, but I wanted more. I wanted to truly love my body, all parts of my body. I felt that I was being told that it would never be possible to love my physical self. And as a rebel at heart, I didn’t like that very much…

So I set out on a quest. To figure this out for myself. I spent years of my life exploring every thought pattern, every action I had and creating steps and principles not only for myself to follow, but for my clients as well...and now you!

The body image reset is for you if you want to begin the process to love your body, and most importantly, love yourself.


i want to live my life again:

i’m ready to reset my body image, sign me up!

The body image reset is now available for $47 for the video, e-book and workbook.

Click the link below to sign up and get started today!

who is the reset for?

The Body Image Reset is for anyone who is ready to reset their mindset towards their body. It does not matter where you are in the journey, just that you simply desire to change your body image for the better.

who is the reset not for?

The reset is not for you if you do not want concrete steps, actions and journal prompts to take to work through to improve your body image. If you have no desire at all to change how you view your body, this reset is not for you.

Do you offer any discounts?

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If you are a past or current client at Nourishing Minds Nutrition please email me at to receive 50% off the reset.

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