Updated: My Nighttime Routine


A couple weeks ago I wrote this blog post on an updated version of my morning routine, so I also wanted to share an updated version of my nighttime routine as well! My nighttime routine did change when I was able to pursue Nourishing Minds Nutrition as my full time job (you can read here what it was before I was self employed, most mornings and nights were spent working my booty off to work towards self employment). While there are definitely seasons of life where the below nighttime routine doesn't happen (for instance when we are launching a new product or venture), for the most part I really do stick to it...especially so far this year as its a big goal of mine for 2018 to have boundaries with work and a better work-life balance. It's really hard for me because I am so in love with my work, but I also don't want to miss out on precious moments with my family or not take the time to unwind and recharge myself.

My current (yet always changing) nighttime routine looks like this:

  • Sometime between 6-7:30pm I shut down my computer, wrap up client work and (hopefully) put my phone away where its not directly in front of me and I'm not tempted to check Instagram again (its a work in progress, my friends)...Once I do this I start making dinner if I am cooking that night, and do my (goal of) one cleaning task daily. If I'm not cooking dinner, we are eating leftovers and occasionally Nick and I will go out to dinner. We've been attempting to have a date night once a week, where we go out, or we take the dog on a long walk or even go to the beach. It's been a fun way to make everyday feel special, instead of just the weekends feeling that way! Sometimes I'll meet up with girlfriends too for a weeknight cocktail, too.

  • After we enjoy dinner (and let's be real sometimes during dinner) Nick and I watch an hour or so of whatever TV show we are currently watching. I honestly don't watch a ton of TV, so sometimes I use this time to watch a small amount of news so I'm not completely in a bubble :) While I'm watching TV I love to stretch, foam roll or do some restorative yoga as a way to unwind from the day. During the summer, Nick and I will usually take the dog for a walk around this time too since it gets way too muggy-hot to do a ton of walks during the day.

  • After dinner/cleaning up/if we are still watching a show I will make a nighttime snack if I want one that night, or also make a drink if I'm in the mood. Turmeric milk, hot cocoa with reishi (from Four Sigmatic, use this code for 15% off your order!) or sleepytime tea are my favorites. This is usually when I start to dim the lights in the house, light candles and use the salt rock lamp to avoid too much blue light. Realistically, the TV is still on though so Nick and I both wear blue light blocking glasses in the evening. This is also my favorite time to cuddle, and even the cat (who notoriously HATES the dog) has started joining us! Porter gets in the middle of Nick and I, and the cat is usually on my other side. And oh man, I love it so much! Nothing like ending the day with a cuddle session :)

  • Around 30-60 minutes before bedtime I get ready for bed by washing my face, occasionally exfoliating (with cinnamon and coconut oil), brushing my teeth and flossing and finally applying rose hip or jojoba oil for my moisturizer and eye cream to my eyes. I also take my evening supplements (probiotics and evening primrose oil), apply magnesium spray as well as essential oils. I personally use the Do Terra breathe blend as my allergies worsen during the night, but I think lavender would be a lovely choice for many! Right before bed, I'll read in the bed to really help put me in a sleepy mood. I'd love to spend less time watching TV and more time reading, and that sometimes does happen (especially when there's a sports game on haha), but a lot of the time it doesn't! And that's okay.

  • Finally, I turn on our white noise machine and then it's lights out! Nick and I have the same schedule and typically go to bed between 9-9:30pm every night. I know, its early :) But what works for us! (P.S. If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your sleep listen to episode 27 on the Nourishing Women Podcast). Where my morning routine is primarily my time to myself, my nighttime routine is very family-centric and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's our time together and I truly cherish it (and also recognize that once we do finally have kids it will look 100% different, so I am also soaking that in while we are still just us!)

Tell me: What's your favorite part of your evening? What's your nighttime routine like? I love hearing from you so comment below so we can share ideas with each other!