How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep


Happy Friday y'all! Today's podcast episode is all about ways in which to improve the quality of your sleep.

Nourishing Women Podcast

This episode details:

-Why sleep matters, the anabolic state

-Understanding your circadian rhythm and how this affects sleep

-How sunlight exposure effects sleep

-How blue light from technology effects sleep

-Ways to decrease exposure to blue light

-Benefits to sleeping in a dark, cold room

-How to be consistent and create a restful environment for sleep

-Why a nighttime routine can improve quality of sleep

-Eating enough at dinner and carbohydrates to improve sleep

-Food and exercise ideas to improve sleep

-Supplement ideas to improve quality of sleep

Links to products discussed in podcast episode:

My nighttime routine:


Sleep Smarter book:

Blue light blocking glasses:

White noise machine:<

See you back here next week on Wednesday and Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend, Victoria