Lex Daddio on Nourishing Women Podcast


Good morning and happy Friday! I am SO pumped about today's episode. It was such a joy to have Lex Daddio on the podcast today. Lex is such a breath of fresh air on this Instagram and social media world. She is honest, authentic and humble. She is also tremendously relatable as she has had her own journey from disordered eating to a healthy relationship with food. She offers tremendous insight in recovery and true wellness on her social media pages!

Nourishing Women Podcast

Today we discuss:

  • Lex's story and how she started her Instagram page

  • The relationship between food restriction and binge eating

  • The common transition from orthorexia to binge eating disorder

  • Faith and its role in her recovery

  • Lex's experience in working with Nourishing Minds Nutrition

  • Pregnancy and intuitive eating

  • True wellness without obsession

You can listen on iTunes, Sticher or our website!

Have a great weekend!

XOXO, Victoria