NWP Episode 108: Treating Health Conditions with Intuitive Eating

This episode is a long time in the making! The most FAQ I receive about both intuitive eating and the health at every size framework is this: is intuitive eating actually healthy for you? And can you practice it with a health condition? This episode answers these questions for you and details through:

  • The research behind Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size

  • Limitations of weight loss research

  • Intuitive Eating (IE) and Health at Every Size (HAES) are NOT anti-health

  • How IE and HAES improve your health for now and the long term

  • Using behavior changes to improve health instead of intentional pursuit of weight loss

  • Debunking common misconceptions about IE

  • Applying IE principles and a HAES framework with ideas of how to apply for health conditions such as: diabetes, hypertension, Celiac disease, food allergies, PCOS, and IBS.

  • How to use this information to guide your client experience as a healthcare provider

Information discussed in the episode:

Books: Intuitive EatingHealth At Every SizeBody Respect

The 6 pillars of wellness e-guide

Victoria’s Body Image Reset







NWP 100: Disordered Eating as a Root Cause to Digestive Issues with Kelsey Pukala RD

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