Nourishing Women Podcast: Episode 12 [Why Calories Don't Matter Part 2]


Happy Monday night! Thank you guys SO much for being patient with Meg and I as we learn how to do this podcast-ing thing...we re-recorded Friday's episode today because we were not 100% in love with it. This topic is near and dear to our heart so we wanted it to be perfect and I LOVE how the episode we aired came out. I hope you do too!

Nourishing Women Podcast

-How gut health can affect your weight

-Why gut health is more important than calorie counting

-Weight gain when recovering from disordered eating

-Challenging the expectations

-Will you gain or lose weight in the process of intuitive eating?

-When will you reach your set point weight?

-How we started increasing calories

-How to make peace with your body

You can listen to the episode on iTunes, just search for Nourishing Women Podcast!