100 Ways I Practice Self Care


Well, hello! I'm super excited to be writing this, and to be sharing that I should be back to blogging on a regular schedule again! Man, I missed this space. Soon aftter starting our practice, Meg and I started our podcast and were working diligently on the e-book throughout this entire process. As we started adding more to our to do list, I sadly ran out of time to do write blog posts! But now that we are done with the e-book, and I gave myself some time off to rejuvenate (can't talk about self care and not practice it myself, ha!) I'm excited to  be back on this space. I have SO many ideas for blog posts, ways to improve this space, update it and so much more! For now, you can expect 1-2 blog posts a week on Wednesday and/or Friday. For my first blog post back at it after a longgggggg hiatus, I wanted to talk about my favorite topic: self care. One of the most common responses I get when discussing it is that people don't know what self care looks like or how to make it fit into their busy schedule. I get it, I really do. For years of my life, I worked a full time job while hustling on the side to create my own business. Now that I work for myself, time is still limited because being an entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges. But what I've learned through this time is without self care, I cannot accomplish much at all. I cannot give back to others, create meaningful work and feel happy and fulfilled on a personal level. But with self care, I am a bad ass who doesn't need to stress out in order to accomplish my to do list, I'm so incredibly happy and I can give myself 110% to my clients.

Today's post is 100 ways I practice self care. My hope in sharing this post is that you see that self care can come in many different forms and look very different for each person. Some forms of self care take no time at all, some require lots of time. Some of them I do daily, some only weekly or monthly.  Some of my self care looks like food and exercise, but it is so much more than that, too.

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

100 Ways I Practice Self Care:

Prioritizing sleep and scheduling adequate sleep into my daily routine.

Yoga. Yoga. Yoga.

Drinking red wine while cooking dinner.

Slowing down the to do list and work to take the time to cook dinner (not necessarily every night though!)

Eating vegetables daily.

Eating chocolate daily.

Tacos. 'Nuff said.


Getting massages on a monthly basis.

Expressing myself through my creative outlets.

Getting cocktails with my friends.

Beach days.

Long walk on the bay with my pup.

Walking every morning with my pup.

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

Cuddling my husband and fur children.

Snuggling on the couch. Preferably with hot cocoa or turmeric milk.

Hanging out with friends at breweries.

Going out to dinner with friends.

Date night with my husband.

Spending time alone.

Taking long hot epsom salt bath.


Taking supplements specific to my body's needs.

Focusing on moving my body versus exercising.


Burning palo santo and sage as part of my morning routine.

Using essential oils (on skin and consuming them).

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

Surrounding myself with decor and items in my house and work space that creatively inspire me.

Prioritizing everything I do, including work, with an intuitive mindset.

Doing work everyday that sets my soul on fire (for others this could look like hobbies outside of work that sets their soul on fire).

Wearing dresses 90% of the time.

Cat eyes and red lips.

Wearing heels.

Wearing natural skin care and makeup.

Going days without wearing makeup.

Eating nutrient dense food.

Eating whatever my body is craving, no matter its health benefits.

Resting extra hard when my body asks for it.

Cat naps.

Getting out in nature as much as possible.

Taking care of the plants in my house and continuing to add more and more :)

My morning rituals.

Nighttime routines.

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

Foam rolling.

Stretching daily.

Fascia blasting.

Eating traditional, real, whole foods.

Diffusing essential oils while I work.

Surrounding myself with people who inspire and uplift me.

Cultivating meaningful relationships with friends and family.

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

Prioritizing time with my family.


Visiting the mountains during the fall.

Cutting off work to enjoy time with my family in the evenings.

Phone and social media detoxes.

Drinking around-ish a gallon of water a day.

Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning.

Drinking coffee every damn day.

Sushi date nights.

Thai take out.

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

Brunch and bloody mary dates with friends.

Not planning my workouts.

Sipping on matcha at my fav coffee shop.

Turmeric milk before bedtime.

Taking deep belly breaths before mealtime and consistently throughout the day.

Choosing how I respond to stress.

Allowing myself to experience my emotions and not feeling shame for being highly sensitive.

Starting a garden (right now I'm in planning/dreaming mode with this, should be getting started very very soon!)

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

Not forcing myself to go out when all I really want to do is read a good book in bed.

Going to bed and waking up generally around the same time daily.

Taking actions to improve the quality of my sleep.

Face masks.

Making my own fermented foods.

Having animals.

Eating colorful foods.

Eating (or taking) liver.

Reading a book everyday.

Embracing my inner nerd. Reading research articles on a Saturday morning is my fave.

Occasionally watching TV (and sometimes binge watching it! I'm looking at you Game of Thrones...)

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

Stating positive affirmations daily.

Speaking to myself and my body with kindness.

Writing out what I am grateful for everyday.


Visualing and manifesting.

Taking as many rest days as my body asks, not as I tell it.

Getting out of my mind and listening to my body and inner wisdom instead.

Embracing imperfection.

Starting and ending my day with no phone.

Actively choosing to love myself everyday.

Pursuing my passions everyday.

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

Eating when I'm hungry.

Being intimate with my husband.

Practicing gratitude consistently throughout the day.

Listening to music.

Dancing. All. The. Time.

Cleaning, I enjoy it for the most part (mainly the having a pretty clean house part, ha!)

Cookies. Particularly chocolate chip cookies.

Using crystals to spread positive energy throughout my home and in my life.

Reading self help and self improvements books (no shame in working on yourself!)

Unconditionally loving myself.

100 Ways I Practice Self Care

The. End.

Tell me: A way you practice self care! Comment below and let's keep coming up with creative ways in which we practice love and kindness to ourselves each and everyday.