Intentional Weight Loss Post ED, Fullness Cues, Lactose Intolerance,"Cheat Meals" During SIBO Treatment and More!

Nourishing Women Podcast

Happy Friday! As always, Friday means podcast day!

In today's episode we discuss:

-When is it "safe" to try to loose weight in a non-obsessive way post eating disorder?

-Being full versus "over eating" during recovery

-Learning how to be satisfied again

-How to enjoy dairy with a lactose intolerance

-How to navigate digestive issues during recovery. Which do you address first- your relationship with food or digestive issues?

-Negativity or pushback regarding your decision to live/eat intuitively from family members

-Other possible reasons for amenorrhea- Purchase the treatment is not always as easy as "eat more and exercise less"

-Does "going off track" during SIBO treatment cause a relapse?

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Have a great weekend!