Q&A on Becoming Integrative RDs,FODMAP diets, "Paleo-ified" Foods, Set Point Theory and More!


Happy Friday! Today's podcast episode on Nourishing Women Podcast has TONS of information!

We cover in this episode:

-Resources we used to become functional and intuitive eating dietitians

-Clarification on our position on FODMAP diets

-How we utilize low FODMAPs in our practice

-Traditional vs paleo foods for digestion

-How to determine your body's "set point" weight is

-How to navigate emotionaleating

-Benefits of full fat dairy

-Using essential oils to smell good

-Tips to stop binge eating

Nourishing Women Podcast


You can listen here or on iTunes!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be BACK AT IT starting next week with ACTUALLY writing blog posts, and I'm so excited! See you then :)