Y'all. The day I've been looking forward to for SO LONG is finally here. Today, officially, the e-book is available for purchase!!

The e-book details how to live instinctually, specifically addressing the six pillars of wellness: self adoration, stress management, sleep, movement, social connection and intuitive eating.

We get many questions as to why we called it "instinctual living" versus "intuitive living" so I thought I'd answer this with an excerpt from the e-book:

"We love the word instinctual because we feel it beautifully describes the foundation of our wellness philosophy. Instinctual implies tradition, ancestry and individuality. It reinforces our belief that food and wellness should not be over-thought- but come naturally and intuitively.

The foundation of instinctual living is trusting your body’s innate wisdom. Instinctual living is achieved by fostering an environment of love and self care. It is about addressing all areas of wellness with intention- but without obsession."

The E-Book is Here!!!

We were very intentional about the order of the e-book and why certain pillars are longer than others. For instance, self adoration- which is necessary for wellness- is the largest pillar in the e-book. Because its something abstract that we don't talk about enough in the wellness industry. Because it is vital to true wellness. Because you HAVE to partner with body to heal your health issues. And because you are deserving and worthy, exactly as you are right now.

If you've been struggling with loving yourself, this e-book is for you. If you've been struggling with managing stress, this e-book is for you. If you've been struggling with finding a healthy balance with exercise, this e-book is for you. If you've been avoiding social connections for "wellness", this e-book is for you. If you've been struggling to figure out how to eat intuitively, this e-book is for you. And if you want to discover what true wellness if for you, this e-book is most definitely for you!

If you'd like to hear more about the e-book and to determine if its a good purchase for you, listen to today's episode on Nourishing Women Podcast where we detail the information in the e-book! You can listen here or on iTunes.

The E-Book is Here!!!

A couple things on the e-book:

-It's priced at $24.95 HOWEVER for the the first 24 hours (so until Saturday morning!) it will be available for $14.95!

-If you purchase it the first seven days, you will also receive a free supplement recommendation handout.

HERE IS THE LINK to purchase it! I truly hope you love it as much as I do!!