NWP Episode 82: Ditching New Year Intentions, Friends Talking Badly about Themselves, the Right Time to Share about Intuitive Eating and More!

NWP Episode 82

Happy Friday friends! Today’s episode is such a fun episode answering your questions on New Year Resolutions. Don’t forget to join us over on Instagram today as well. We are hosting a giveaway to say thank YOU for over 300 podcast reviews!


  • How to decipher if an intention/resolution is serving you.

  • Setting goals for your personality type.

  • How to handle your friends talking badly about themselves.

  • The right time to share about intuitive eating.

  • Acknowledging the Instagram and social media “highlight”reel and not letting comparison impact your New Year intention setting.

  • “Thin privilege” and letting of go the need to justify yourself to others.

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NWP Episode 82