My 5 Favorite Facial Products I Use Daily

My 5 Favorite Facial Products I Use Daily

Skincare is one of my favorite ways to practice wellness without obsession.

Its a way to care for ourselves without getting fixated on our body size, calorie count or diet plan. Wellness without an obsessive mentality can be applied in so many ways on a daily basis, skincare isn’t the only way to practice this! But I find for many of my clients its a fun place to begin. Why? Because its a way to say I LOVE YOU to your face, literally, everyday.

I also find having a skincare routine is one of the most fun ways to practice self care. Plus, its more realistic to spend five minutes a day taking care of my skin than having a long, drawn out routine of self care. All. About. Real. Life! When I how I apply my daily facial products from a mindset of self care, I find I am way more present in the experience so I can enjoy it more!

So a quick refresher of my facial products and skincare:

Every night I do the double cleansing method. Read more about that here. In the morning I do a quick splash of water and then either oil or baby bar soap, depending on what I am in the mood for. I always clean my face with these organic bamboo cloths.

And then my I apply my 5 favorite facial products daily:

Primally Pure complexion mist. Applied in morning only. I spray a few sprays all over my face to help with moisture, plumpness and it has ingredients that help balance oil levels and reduce acne.

100% Pure eye cream. Applied in morning and evening around eyes and eye lids. This eye cream has green caffeine in it, and while I’m very prone to dark circles around my eyes (and they are still there) I have found it to improve my dark circles.

Primally Pure fancy face serum. 2-3 drops applied in morning and evening before my beauty cream. This stuff is chock full of healing antioxidant rich oils and essential oils. It has a delicious, earthy aroma and a little bit goes a long way! I’m currently using the pregnancy blend.

Primally Pure beauty cream. I find with the fancy face serum also used, I can use a pretty small portion of this beauty cream. I apply softly to my entire face, neck and decolletage. This cream feels SO luxurious going on, I’m so obsessed. Its incredibly nourishing to the skin and diminishes fine lines, too.

Mineral Fusion BB cream with SPF 9. Applied in the morning only. Using sunscreen daily is a big debate in the holistic health world, and while many of you may disagree with me on this (which is totally fine!) I personally like to have some kind of SPF on my face daily. I live in tropical Florida where the sun is beaming all year round, and would maybe change this approach in my location changed. Until we get more research on sunscreen, I’m gonna keep applying a small amount through my BB cream to prevent wrinkles :) I love BB cream as my “foundation” for daily use as its not near as heavy. That with just a touch of concealer and I am good to go!

Tell me: What are your favorite facial products you use daily?

Interested in learning more? Check out Episode 56 of the Nourishing Women Podcast with Courtney, Primally Pure’s holistic esthetician. I learned so much from her in this episode!

My 5 Favorite Facial Products I Use Daily