NWP Episode 117: Adaptogens 101 and How to Use Them

Adaptogens are all the rage right now, and this is one of the few health trends that I’m here for! Adaptogens are naturally occurring, nontoxic plant substances such as herbs, roots, spices and even mushrooms that have  been used traditionally by Aruvedya (the sister science to yoga and 5,000 year old practice of medicine in India), Chinese medicine, and in Northern European countries for thousands of years. While common in Eastern medicine and application, they are picking up in the West and we are going to explore in today’s podcast episode what constitutes a plant as an adaptogen, what they provide and do for the body, research surrounding them, why you may want to consider them for stress and hormone support and some of my favorite specific types of adaptogens.

At the end of the day, adaptogens should be used in a fun, curious way to see if they benefit you and to consider as part of your wellness routine and/or healing protocol. They are not mandatory to pursue health, but if you notice a difference taking them, can be supportive to take to combat everyday stressors.



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