NWP Episode 116: Let's Talk about Your Relationship with Social Media

This episode marks an exciting update to the show, we are now offering two episodes a week! 

Tuesday episodes will be shorter in length and Friday episodes will include personal life updates again and usual business updates, and then share the longer length episodes. I’m also thinking Tuesday episodes will be more of thought based conversations and Friday episodes will be for guests or educational, step by step, or more science driven episodes.

I promise I’ll always have episodes on Friday no matter what, but the Tuesdays may be just seasons we...or every other week...let’s see how I feel about it on the production side and how you feel about it from the content side and we will go from there!

Today we are going to chat how social media can impact your intuitive eating journey. Social media's role in your journey is so important its something I ask every client at Nourishing Minds Nutrition, and included it in my Body Image Reset. 

After this episode I want you to do  your own analysis of your relationship with social media.

While I love to use social media for connection to my community, networking with peers and getting daily inspiration, there was also a time in my life where it made me feel disconnected from my intuition and I also started to question my own eating and exercise habits, as I began to compare myself to popular influencers on the app.

Can you relate? Let me also ask...

How much time do you spend on their daily? Do you get excited, inspired and enjoy connecting with friends and peers?

Or does it make you anxious? Begin to question yourself? Does it make it harder for you to accept your body? Yourself? Does it make it harder to know what to eat?

Does it in any way make you feel not enough? Less worthy or deserving?

Today's episode gives you tips and strategies for how to utilize social media in a way that supports your relationship with yourself and your intuitive eating journey. We chat how to take a social media detox, take inventory of who you follow, create boundaries with the app and more!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Dylan’s story from feeling fed up with dieting to reaching food freedom

  • Why diets fail and why they don’t work

  • Barriers that prevent us from embracing food freedom

  • Definition of food freedom and 4 steps to reach it

  • How embodiment can support your goals to become an intuitive eater


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