NWP Episode 106: Intuitive Eating Principles: Part 2

NWP Episode 106: Intuitive Eating Principles: Part 2

We finish going over the Intuitive Eating Principles in this episode including: discover the satisfaction factor, cope with emotions without using food, respect your body, exercise feel the difference and honor your health with gentle nutrition. Victoria provides personal and clinical experience and advice, as well as recommending different tools you can use as you work through the Intuitive Eating principles.

This episode details:

  • Allowing pleasure and satisfaction to be part of your health and well being

  • How mindfulness can help with discovering satisfying foods

  • How to figure out if you are emotional eating

  • Ways to cope with emotions with and without food

  • Developing strategies to combat emotional eating if occurring

  • Letting go of the desire to lose weight

  • Set point theory and how to discover your body’s natural body size

  • Ideas for ways to take care of and respect your body

  • Tools you can use to help develop body acceptance

  • Discovering the appropriate amount of exercise for you and your needs

  • The benefits to taking a rest break or cutting down on exercise

  • Moving your body to pursue joy in your life and ideas for ways to do so

  • How to know when you are ready for honor your health with gentle nutrition

  • Ideas for ways Victoria approaches this last principle of honor your health

  • How to combat health conditions as an Intuitive Eater

  • How to pursue wellness in a way that aligns with intuitive eating


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NWP Episode 106: Intuitive Eating Principles: Part 2