Nourishing Women Podcast: Real Food for Pregnancy with Lily Nichols

Today on the podcast we had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Lily Nichols. An extremely knowledgeable source on prenatal nutrition, we thought she would be the perfect fit for the show- especially now that I am pregnant!

Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  • Lily and her personal and professional journeys to the work she does.

  • How a mother’s nutrition affect’s a babies health and disease risk.

  • How conventional guidelines differ from Lily’s research in prenatal nutrition.

  • Lily’s definition of a “traditional food’s diet” and the importance of food synergy.

  • Prenatal nutrition misconceptions: salt, fats, fish, eggs.

  • The importance of considering “nutritional tradeoffs”.

  • Pregnancy aversions, nausea and cravings.

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