Nourishing Women Podcast: Episode 6


Good morning and happy Friday! Today's podcast episode, episode 6, is all about gut favorite topic!

Episode 6 discusses determining the root cause of your IBS and how to manage SIBO. This episode reviews:

-How irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is diagnosed -Root Causes of IBS including small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) -Signs and Symptoms of IBS and SIBO -Trigger events that can lead to IBS and SIBO -Testing for SIBO -How to Heal SIBO with food and supplements -Importance of managing stress and acts of self care in healing the gut -Connection between disordered eating and IBS/SIBO -Determining if consuming probiotics and prebiotics is right for you -Basic food and nutrition changes everyone can make to improve their gut health

Nourishing Women Podcast

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I hope you enjoyed the podcast episode and if you have further gut health questions you would like answered on the podcast episode, email Meg and I at hello@nourishingmindsnutrition. This podcast is for YOU so we want to make sure to answer all your questions!

Have a wonderful weekend!

XOXO, Victoria