All Things Gut Health and Gut Healing: Nourishing Women Podcast Episode 14


Happy Friday! Today's podcast is my favorite topic ever. Gut Health and using food as medicine to heal your gut!

Nourishing Women Podcast

In today's episode we cover:

-Why supplements for IBS are different for everyone

-The importance of honoring the gut brain axis

-The importance of strengthening your vagus nerve

-Practical tips to maximize digestion that are often overlooked

-The importance of your eating mindset to heal the gut

-Why we are not meant to be "grazing" mammals

-Benefits of "fasting" for the migrating motor complex

-Foods for good gut health

-Pre and probiotics

-Fermented foods

-Optimizing your diet for digestion when a low FODMAP is and is not appropriate

Hope you enjoy the podcast episode! Have a great weekend :)