My Favorite Wellness Beverages

My Favorite Wellness Beverages

Shifting gears in today’s blog post!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite wellness beverages that I truly enjoy. Thinking from a taste/satisfaction factor first, these beverages are actually DELICIOUS. These are beverages that might have a lot of ‘hype’ around them, but ones I personally feel deserve it (because they are delicious to drink). I don’t drink all of these daily or even weekly, so please keep that in mind :)

Matcha Latte

My Favorite Wellness Beverages

First up, the all famous matcha latte. Mmmmmmm-mmm, I think the taste of matcha when done right is amazing. My recommendations when it comes to making a matcha latte? Coconut milk and honey taste best for additions.

P.S. Did you know my blog was recipe based the first year?! Crazy, I know. Here is my old, but delicious recipe for matcha latte done 3 ways: classic, vanilla spiked with cardamom, and chocolate peppermint.

Chai tea latte

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee a good chai. I haven’t tried this recipe at home yet, but plan on making Meg’s concentrate the next time I do. Chai is made with black tea and lots of spices such as cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. Personally, I love getting chai latte at coffee shops when I’m working. With chai tea, I prefer whole milk and maple syrup for additions.

Earl gray latte aka London Fog

Another favorite way to consume black tea is earl gray tea. I love the floral essence it has and one of my favorite mid-morning drinks. Find my favorite recipe here from Davida at the Healthy Maven.


Some people love it, some hate it. I love the fizzy-ness and the vinegary flavor. My rule of thumb with kombucha is to not overdo it (I know, its hard not to!). 1-2 bottles a week is plenty of ‘booch for our digestive systems. Keep in mind too some people find kombucha challenging to tolerate, and if that’s true for you take a break from consuming it.

Interested in making your own ‘booch? I found this recipe for you to try it if interested!

Hot cacao

One of my favorite evening drinks or drinks when it is cold outside. Making hot chocolate with raw cacao is a simple swap that is more potent in flavor (I love the bitter flavor), and higher in minerals such as magnesium.

Try Meg at the Well Essentials Hot Cacao made Peruvian style.

Coffee with superfoods added

90% of the time, I just drink coffee with half and half or heavy cream added. But when I want to amp the flavors, these are my go to: bulletproof coffee and blended coffee.

My recipe for bulletproof coffee is still a favorite of mine! I don’t consume it daily but I love the flavor, and these days I prefer grass fed butter to the coconut oil or MCT oil in the recipe. Medicinal mushrooms are a fun addition to this as well. Try chaga, lion’s mane or cordyceps for another boost.

Another idea would be to blend it with tons of superfoods, which you can find three recipe ideas here.


I loveeeeeee juices. Call me crazy, but I love the bitter flavor of juice made with tons of greens, or the earthy flavor of beet juice or the spicy flavor of a carrot-ginger-turmeric juice. I usually get my juice at a local juice shop (about once a week or every other week) because I dislike the clean up at home. But if you’d like to make it at home, here is a delicious recipe for a carrot apple juice from McKel at Nutrition Stripped.

My Favorite Wellness Beverages

Turmeric milk

Another favorite of mine! I personally love the flavor of turmeric, but I find the key with making turmeric milk is to not skimp on sweetener. I’m talking 1-2 Tablespoons at least of sweetener, my favorite for this recipe is honey.

You can find My recipe for turmeric milk found here. Another fun way to try turmeric would be in this citrus turmeric elixir with CBD oil from Georgie at In It 4 the Long Run.

Tell me: What are some of your favorite wellness beverages?