Meditation and Mindfulness with Kathryn Beck


Happy Friday y'all! I am super excited to share that we officially are having guests on the podcast, starting today! My sister (who has written many blog posts on DF) was our very first guest. Kathryn is a 500 RYT yoga teacher, meditation coach and energy worker (as well as a soon-to-be licensed massage therapist!)

On the podcast today we discuss with Kathryn:

  1. Kathryn's story: how she began meditating & what brought her to doing the work she does

  2. The benefits of meditation

  3. Mediation and how it ties into intuitive eating

  4. Other methods to become more in tune with our bodies

  5. Religion and mediation

  6. How to get started with mediation

Nourishing Women Podcast

Kathryn is such an inspiration to me and I'm sure you will find here to be one, too! My favorite thing about this conversation is how approachable and relate-able she makes it to begin meditating, which I often feel like has many misconceptions about it.

I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did! You can listen on iTunes or on our website!

See you back next week :)