Looking Back at 2016 + My 'Word' for 2017


2016 was an amazing year. I didn't set a resolution, as I rarely ever do, but I did set many intentions with myself. As I look back, I realize that those intentions all had a theme: educate. I set and met my intention of starting a blog.

First, I had to start first by educating myself on all the intricacies of growing a blog. I had to teach myself how to build and run a website, and if you know me, I am literally technology illiterate. To this day I am still so proud of this little website I built all by myself.

I also had to educate myself about SEO, recipe creation, food photography (that one is still a work in progress) and I am constantly teaching myself more about nutrition so I can deliver you the most up to date and most credible information.

Later on in the year, I had to educate myself how to start a business. While we haven't officially launched yet (coming very soon!), educating myself on how to start and run a private practice has been an experience. Just like the blog, there are so, so many behind the scene things going on with a business I didn't even think of. And since I obviously have never had my own business, I had to educate myself on each of those intricacies.

Within my own personal journey, education was part of my journey to healing my health. I knew for a long time something was off in my body and that my weird health ailments (albeit none serious but still a sign that my body wasn't functioning optimally) needed to be focused on. I had finally got to a place where I felt so good about my relationship with food and had unconditional self-love, I was finally ready to start healing my body. I spent a lot of time educating myself on what was going on in my body and ways to heal it through both nutrition and mental health (stress management, meditation, etc).

Looking into 2017 I feel that education will still be a huge factor. But my word I feel will become my theme for this new year is growth.

Growing this blog. Growing my own business (the goal is far more than a practice, stay tuned for more on that). Growing more into this person that I am.

Growth that meditation will allow me to have. Growth that following my dreams and doing something that scares the shit out of me with give me. Growth that allowing myself to just be instead of doing will give me.

What's your word for 2017? Comment below and tell me why!