A New Way to a New Year Resolution [Bringing Balance Back]

Bringing Balance Back is a monthly series on Diehard Foodie, by Kat Beck. Kat is my sister, best friend, role model and go-to expert for all healthy living outside of nutrition. We work together to support and better each other. I give her advice on healthy eating, and she gives me so much advice on other aspects of healthy living (that I sometimes neglect!) My hope is she will become your guru on these aspects, and bring more balance in your life as well.Setting goals is my jam. I love checking things off a to-do list. I love creating workout and food regimens. But, I’m starting to realize how trying to control and perfect so many aspects of my life just isn’t working. So, I'm switching it up in 2017.   Instead of making a list of resolutions I want to accomplish, I'm setting an intention to DO LESS and BE MORE.

I have a daily meditation practice but I still find myself looking for ways to distract myself from being alone with my thoughts. I want to watch less TV, reduce time spent on my phone, and buy less things (Amazon addiction anyone?) I want to spend more time on my meditation cushion looking within, more time in my hammock gazing at the sky, and more time enjoying the peace of the beach. Basically, more time getting to know myself and less distractions. 

Our society overemphasizes accumulating things and stacking accomplishments to a fault. There isn’t nearly enough value placed on being still and getting to know yourself. In fact, there is a lot of resistance to the idea of meditation. “But isn't it boring?” or “I could be getting so much done!” or “But my mind won’t stop thinking.” are common comments I get about people's resistance to meditation.  

Prioritizing your psychological health is vital for healing and reaching every goal you have ever set for yourself; because what is going on INSIDE determines what happens on the OUTSIDE. If you are seeking a healthier lifestyle, want to make better food choices, want to handle stress with grace, want to work out more, want to save more money, want to heal from trauma, want to start a business,  then taking 10-20 minutes out of your life daily to meditate is the answer to ALL of these intentions. 

Meditation isn’t silencing your mind. It’s noticing every time your mind wanders and bringing it back to a point of focus. This point of focus can be your breath, your heart, a mantra (repeated phrase), or a visualization. Experiment to find what works for you. I am STILL changing up my meditation routine that I started 5 years ago. I am still exploring what works best for me. It’s called a practice for a reason. All it takes is a couple of minutes of your life nearly every day. No money. No negative side effects. Ask yourself: How do you distract yourself from being "bored"? I fill my spare time with Netflix more than I'd like to admit.  Why do you resist sitting in silence?  Personally, I have realized that things I resist actually turn out to be things I needed in my life. Weird right?

Here is a meditation for a New Way to a New Year. I will guide you to focus on the feelings you want to experience every day of your life instead of the things you want to accomplish. By focusing on the feelings, we let the universe deliver our dreams to us with endless possibilities. Over-focusing on HOW we will get there limits our potential. Getting into the vibration of positive feelings will bring more of them into your life. Sending you love and light into 2017!   


If you need some scientific proof of the benefits of meditation then check out this article.