How the Small Things Add Up

How the Small Things Add Up

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If you've been following along here for awhile, you know I'm not to keen on going too intense with my exercise. But I am a big fan of thinking about movement and ways to incorporate movement into my everyday. Particularly when my schedule gets crazy, when the work begins to build, I personally don't want to stress myself out further my adding more on my to do list.

As we continue into fall (or back to school if you are in school or have kids!), I bet we are all feeling our schedules pick up, and when this occurs I personally just like to focus on really small ways to incorporate activity into my daily life.

Over the years, I've found what works for me. I've found I like to incorporate movement during the day by:

Cooking and cleaning. Also dancing while doing said cooking and cleaning.

A quick yoga flow before the work day begins as part of my morning routine.

How the Small Things Add Up
How the Small Things Add Up

An even quicker burst of movement (like a few sun salutations or push ups or jumping squats) in between clients.

Stretching and foam rolling at the end of the day while watching TV.

Walking the dog. Always, walking the dog.

I also love to find ways to make movement feel fun and full of life. I don't know about you, but forcing myself to go to the gym when I'm not feeling it- not so much my thing. But things like:

Walks on the beach.

How the Small Things Add Up

Kayaking in the bay.

Yoga at my favorite yoga studio here in town.

A quick circuit workout at home.

Turning the music loud and dancing like no one's watching (let's hope not)...these things are always fun to me!

When movement feels fun, approachable and not another thing to do add to my to do list, I absolutely loving moving my body! It's all about finding what works for you.

Items I am wearing in today's post (that I'm utterly obsessed with):

How the Small Things Add Up

Tell me: How do you find small ways to include more movement into your everyday? How do you stay active when your schedules gets full?

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