Nourishing Women Podcast: Period Talk



  1. The female hormonal cycle.

  2. Vaginal discharge 101.

  3. What is normal and not normal with our cycles and menstration?

  4. Diet and lifestyle for hormonal regulation.

  5. The vaginal microbiome & how to support it.

  6. UTIs, bacterial vaginosis & yeast infection.


Come join Meg FaletraGeorgie MorleyVictoria Myers and Meg Dixon for a live podcast event!

!!!!! DATE CHANGE!!!!! It will be held at Lemon Press in Nantucket on MONDAY- September 18th @ 5:30.

Email: hello@nourishingmindsnutrition for more information or to register.

Email Georgie @ for information on getting to Nantucket from Boston.


Vaginal and UTI probiotic

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