How Pregnancy Has Empowered Me

How Pregnancy Has Empowered Me
How Pregnancy Has Empowered Me

In celebration of International Woman’s Day this week, adidas has asked the question: Who or what inspires you to be an empowered woman?

And I have to say, undoubtedly, that is the baby girl currently growing inside of me (27 weeks as of yesterday!)

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl, this deep change happened inside of me.

I have always been an advocate for women empowerment, that women can do and be anything. I proudly call myself a feminist. But when I found out it was a she, y’all. My heart grew a thousand times.

And the way I feel about how important it is for woman to be seen and heard in all facets deepened as well. From sports, to academics, to politics and everything in between I want her to know…she can do it all.

Being pregnant with a girl has empowered me to be the best version of myself. To stand up for myself, to speak up, to set boundaries and to live my life unapologetically. I constantly think now, but would this be a good representation of how I want baby M to see woman in the world? Is this how I want her to see her own mother, the most important woman figure in her life?

How Pregnancy Has Empowered Me

Through pregnancy, I feel empowered to do the best I can every day of my life. To never give up. That as a woman I can do and be it all, being a woman only makes me stronger and more capable. Personally, that dream for me has a lot to do with having her grow up seeing me live out my own dream of being a mom and a CEO. I want baby M to see me break the barrier that we have to choose one or the other, a career or be a mom. That she has the ability to chase any dream she has, including dreams of having it all.

I hope for her that she never once thinks to herself, because I am a girl I cannot do (fill in the blank). That the thought never crosses her mind as an option. And I have to say thank you to all the empowered woman out there doing the work to help me make that a possibility for my daughter and for all future daughters.

Thank you to the past and present woman who never gave up, who worked hard daily to show up empowered and to make the changes that are helping me raise my daughter in an empowered way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Thank you adidas for sponsoring this blog post and for celebrating empowered women through their campaign She Breaks Barriers. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

How Pregnancy Has Empowered Me