My Famous Simple Guacamole


Just in time for St. Patrick's Day I am sharing one of my favorite green recipes, my famous simple guacamole! Good morning and happy Thursday!

I had planned on sharing this post tomorrow on St. Patrick's Day, but I figured I would share it a day early to give you plenty of time to buy the ingredients for the big day!

Also, I am still hoping that tomorrow we can officially launch our website and practice, Nourishing Minds Nutrition! You see...we were supposed to launch awhile ago.There's been some hold up with the website and we are currently waiting for the domain to transfer sites. It's taking a lot longer than Meg and I anticipated and we are doing our best to not get frustrated :)

But I keep telling you guys its almost here. So I wanted to be open and honest with you about whats going on. We are totally ready to see clients and actually have already started seeing clients, so if you've been waiting- go ahead and email me at I can send you the information so we can go ahead and start working with you. If you want help ditching diets, learning to eat instinctively and finding what foods make you feel beautiful, radiant and energized- we are here to help. If you want to fix your digestion issues, regulate your hormones or find a lifestyle and way of eating that will help you find your happy weight with time- we are experts at this. I am SO sorry the website is taking so long, but at the same token, there's always life lessons to learn. I am constantly working on my need to be perfect and control everything. This was, yet again, another great reminder that sometimes the control is not in my hands. Patience and accepting that things happen as they should is always a learning process for me :)

Alright...on to the recipe!

Last year for St. Patricks Day you guys LOVED my matcha latte recipes and matcha smoothie. I thought we could keep the GREEN theme going for this year as well with another one of my favorite recipes! Today, I FINALLY share my guacamole recipe on the blog! I say famous because anytime we ever go to the beach or have any events with our friends in Florida, this guacamole is always requested!

While I love guacamole with onions, cilantro and tomato- when I make it at home I like to keep it super simple. I only use avocado, lots of jalapeno, garlic, lime and a helluva lot of sea salt. I make it super chunky, too!

My Famous Simple Guacamole


Victoria Myers RD/N, LD/N




  • 3 medium avocados

  • 1 jalapeno, minced

  • 2 limes

  • 2 garlic cloves, minced

  • Sea salt to taste


  1. Mix together all ingredients in a bowl to desired consistency. I personally use a fork to mix together, keeping mine a very chunky consistency. Add sea salt to taste.

I hope you make this recipe this weekend because y'all- my famous simple guacamole is HEAVENLY. Of course its amazing with tortilla chips, but I also love it as a "dressing" on salads and topped on many dishes. This weekend I plan on taking pictures of my sriracha brown sugar shrimp so I can share the recipe with you. I totally plan on making this guacamole to top it with and some coconut lime rice to enjoy it with, too.