What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday is a popular link-up between food bloggers, started by Jenn at Peas and Crayons, to showcase what they typically eat in a day. Another round of eats today! This is from Saturday, a day of no groceries in the house so you'll see lots of repeats and take out. I was also recovering from an entire week of bad stomach pain, and wanted to focus on that today. I know many of you also suffer from stomach issues as well and even more of you had told me that you also suffer from IBS. I plan on doing in detail post soon on how I manage my IBS, but wanted to touch on some of those items today.

Matcha: Benefits and 3 Latte Recipes

I started the day off with the usual, lots of water and a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar. I then had a matcha latte made with a mixture of coconut and almond milk and raw, local honey.

I use a pretty small amount of honey since it is a FODMAP. I have enjoyed the added health benefits of consuming matcha, but even more so LOVE that it does not hurt my stomach! If you are looking a matcha latte recipe, I've got you covered. Tomorrow, I'll be discussing a way I have found to consume my beloved coffee without stomach pain, too!

Have you heard of FODMAPs yet? I will do a detailed post on this soon...but for now know that there are certain carbohydrates that may exacerbate your IBS symptoms. They do not cause IBS, but do help reduce symptoms. The main thing I see done incorrectly when following a low FODMAP diet for IBS is completely eliminating all FODMAPs in the diet for long term. The low FODMAP diet is an elimination plan where you eliminate certain foods for only 2-6 weeks and then re-introduce the foods to identify your specific triggers. For myself, and many with IBS, avoiding the "cumulative" effect can often be the most helpful. Avoiding too many FODMAP foods in one sitting or in one day is important in managing symptoms.

What I Ate Wednesday

For breakfast, I had two pieces of whole wheat toast with smoked salmon, spinach, feta and olives. I am not usually a savory breakfast person, but this was delish!

What I Ate Wednesday

I got hungry again before going to yoga, so I had a small bowl of fruit before heading to class.

Although being aware of FODMAPs in what I eat has been a HUGE help, I have still been having stomach issues like abdominal pain and extreme bloating. I started having this consistent pain and bloating a month or so ago, and started thinking about what in my diet is different. I realized that I had started consuming more protein powder in my diet and eating more eggs lately.

What I Ate Wednesday

Once I got back from class, I had leftovers from dinner the night before. Smoked salmon (again), brown rice mixed with nori, sauteed broccoli with turmeric, sauteed carrots with ginger and spinach. Plus a wasabi sauce (made with TJ's wasabi mayo + rice vinegar), pickled ginger and sriracha, of course!

What I Ate Wednesday

I finished off lunch shortly afterwards with a small smoothie made with a small portion of a roasted sweet potato, berries, kefir and 1/2 scoop of protein powder (which caused major bloating for hours later. I. am. so. stubborn.)

I mentioned in last week's post, that I tend to overdo it with certain foods in my diet. When I get on a kick on a certain food, I cannot help it but eat it all the time! I used to only consume protein powder a few times a week, and lately it has been daily and sometimes more than once a day. I had been avoiding yogurt and kefir in the diet thinking those were the cause of my stomach issues, but I now feel it was the reverse. I have stopped protein powders completely for now, and in a week or so plan on reintroducing it back in the diet, but wayyyyy less often.

I used to consume vegan protein powders, but pea protein is a FODMAP and caused me even worse stomach issues. I know many tolerate protein powders just fine, so if that's true for you, continue to use it! I have heard of people building an intolerance to whey protein powders, and I think this may have been what happened (because I used to be able to tolerate it fine). I think the moral of the story is to go back to it in moderation (and to stop being so stubborn!)

I have also been having many eggs (daily) lately- in my waffles, hardboiled as a snack, often a part of my dinner, etc. Eggs are absolutely part of a healthy diet, so this one is completely personal to me. When I got allergy testing done a year or two ago, I was told I had a mild food allergy to egg whites. I have always felt fine with consuming eggs, so the doctor told me I was fine to continue eating them as long as I continued to feel fine. At that time, I was probably only eating them 2-3 times a week. I plan to continue to go back to eating them only 2-3 times a week instead of daily, and may even try to completely eliminate them for awhile to see what this does for my allergies! Even as a dietitian, I am constantly testing foods in my diet to see what makes me feel my best. I encourage you to do so too! We are all so unique and different, there is no way to know what causes you issues unless you 'play' with your diet.

What I Ate Wednesday

For dinner, I had no desire to cook and no food in the house. Plus, I enjoy eating out once or so a week. We had our favorite take out, thai! Green curry with chicken. I asked for red rice and got white rice, instead. Bummer. I ate half of the meal and saved the rest for lunch the next day.

Since I was having stomach pain from being stubborn earlier in the day, before we went out I had a peppermint oil capsule, which always does an AMAZING job at easing my stomach issues. When I saw my most recent GI doc, this was actually something he recommended, as its been used for [thousands of] years to help calm the GI. He recommended IBGard (which you can get at most pharmacies), but I chose to make my capsules myself (more cost effective). I purchased all the ingredients to make the capsules from Amazon.


We went out with friends to a few breweries in the area. I was driving, so I had 1 1/2 beers, plus sips of all of Nick (and my friends) beers too. The last brewery we went to had kombucha, so you know I had to get that! It was good, but not near as good as my homemade or GT's kombucha. When we got home around 12:30-1am I was pretty hungry, so I had a small slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, frozen blueberries and cinnamon. Random, but it did the trick. Sorry I didn't snap a pic!

This is actually a beer in our fridge right now, not what I had on Saturday. But I didn't take a picture while out, so I thought I would share one of my favorite beers from Highland Brewery in Asheville, NC ;)

As I sit here and right this post, I also am reflecting on my life lately in relation to my IBS. I have been more stressed out at work and in my work outside of my actual job. Stress is a MAJOR cause of stomach issues, especially for those with IBS. Another reason why I am so focused on meditation and quality sleep right now, as you can see in Monday's post.

I already feel so much better now that I have decreased protein powder and eggs in the diet, and am dealing with my stress! I hope this helps if you have stomach issues, and if you do- please tell me what kind of information you are looking to learn about, so when I right the post on dealing with IBS, I can better help you!

Nourish yo'self,


P.S.-Come back tomorrow for a post on my version of bulletproof coffee, both a recipe and benefits explained!