What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday is a popular link-up between food bloggers, started by Jenn at Peas and Crayons, to showcase what they typically eat in a day.

I got so much wonderful feedback from you guys about last week's WIAW post about rebound weight gain and eating more, not less- so I thought we could continue the discussion. I wanted to talk today about intuitive eating. I mentioned it last week, and let you guys know I am choosing an intuitive approach to 'reverse dieting' (or whatever you want to call it).

First of all.  Intuitive eating is not going on a diet. There is no restriction, no deprivation, no rules. It is letting your body tell you how much to eat, how often, and of what to eat.

IMG_5260Coffee with 1T MCT coconut oil, 1 T coconut cream, nutmeg, 1/2 tsp maca and liquid stevia.

In initial stages you might have to not be intuitive to get to the point of being intuitive. If you have restricted or skipped meals for years, you likely won't have hunger pangs anymore. But with time of forming new eating habits, your hunger will come back with time and that, is a great thing.


I did this workout in the morning, and then enjoyed a post work-out breakfast of 1/2 cup make ahead oatmeal with added berries, 2 T PB2 and 1 egg. Topped with Blissful eats granola, cacao nibs, frozen berries and peanut butter. I also had some green tea when I got to work.

Eating intuitively means you might only eat three meals a day, or you might eat six meals a day. There is no "one fits all" approach to how often to eat, we are all unique. I personally prefer to eat three meals and 2-3 snacks a day, I find I have the most energy and my digestive system handles smaller amounts better.


No snack needed today in the morning. I had a homemade kombucha before lunch. Lunch was spinach salad with chicken salad (made with leftover roasted chicken, homemade mayo, avocado and lemon) and sweet potato hash, olives and added balsamic vinegar. Plus a mocha energy bite!

Intuitive eating doesn't mean eating when you can capture the best picture. I think Instagram can be so inspiring, but I find it interesting how some choose to wait to eat until the sun comes up or eat dinner early, for a good picture. That's fine if that's when you are truly hungry, but do not let taking a good picture dictate when you eat.


Afternoon snack of a petite sweet potato with 1/2 packet of Wild Friends chocolate peanut butter with protein and topped with an energy bite.

Speaking of social media, intuitive eating is letting it inspire you, but not control your food choices. I know I personally get so inspired by all the food and all the veggies I see on social media, but for me that's not always a great choice. Too many whole foods in one sitting can exacerbate my IBS.

IMG_5253Dinner was an egg hash made with leftover roasted potatoes (with celery and carrots), spinach, broccoli, green beans, chicken sausage and 2 eggs. Topped with hot sauce, of course. I didn't end up eating all this, I was comfortable with about 3/4 of this amount.

Intuitive eating means letting go of counting calories and letting your body tell you how many calories it needs. Some days I am so hungry all day, and some days my appetite is fair. If I am counting calories, how do I account for those differences? I always found back in the day when I used to count calories, I would get so frustrated on the days I was more hungry, I would end up giving up on my 'diet' and eating anything and everything I could find.


You guys know I love ending the night with a snack sized smoothie! This was sweet potato, banana, the other 1/2 packet of the chocolate PB with protein and PB2. Topped with cacao nibs and nuts. I find eating a nighttime snack makes a big difference in my morning workouts, plus I love ending the night on a sweet note! Apparently today, I wanted all. the. potatoes. #sorryimnotsorry

Eating intuitively means not letting the scale dictate what you eat. Your weight fluctuates so much on a daily basis, and weighing yourself that often will only create more negative self thoughts and frustration. THROW that scale away! It does not tell you how beautiful, kind and smart you are. And it should NEVER tell you what to eat. I used to weigh myself numerous times a day for years, and would get so upset if I 'ate all the right things' and didn't see the scale change. I threw away my scale two years ago when I stopped living life on a diet. It is such a freeing feeling to not give a damn what the scale says. Literally. I could care less.

Eating intuitively is so many more things, and I am sure with time we will continue this discussion. My question for you today is: do you practice intuitive eating? If so, comment below on what eating intuitively means to you. Let's help each other and banish diets, restriction, counting calories obsessively and all those behaviors that lead to negative self-talk.

Come back tomorrow for a dreamy homemade protein bar. YUM!

Nourish yo'self,