What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday is a popular link-up between food bloggers, started by Jenn at Peas and Crayons, to showcase what they typically eat in a day. Today I wanted to get a little personal with you, my fellow foodies.

I've noticed something going on with my body lately. Hunger to be exact. Like the amount of food that used to satisfy me, no longer does. I used to only sometimes need a mid-morning snack, now by 10am I am SO hungry. A nighttime snack is almost always necessary to not wake up hungry in the middle of the night. Oh, and that's another thing. For the past couple of weeks, I am very often waking up hungry. I encourage my clients (and practice myself) to eat breakfast within the first hour or two of waking. But having hunger actually wake me up at 3-4am? No bueno.

What I Ate Wednesday

Morning coffee made with a cup of dark roast + 1 T MCT oil + 2 heaping T coconut cream + 4 drops liquid stevia + 1/2 tsp maca blend and freshly grated nutmeg.

This isn't just a day or two in the week. But almost everyday. I first asked myself am I getting enough sleep? Am I truly hungry or emotionally eating? Am I getting enough fluids?

Yes. Yes. Yes. I have been really focused on getting good sleep lately, as you can see in my prep and plan healthy living post here. Sleep is SO important. I thankfully have learned to stop eating out of emotions and literally cannot remember the last time I grabbed for something because I was "stressed out" or "needed it". If I want chocolate, I want it. Food is no longer filling a void (this took a long time to get to this place). I am absolutely getting enough fluids, I drink at least 1-1 1/2 gallons of water a day, sometimes more.

What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast was 1/2 cup loaded oatmeal (made with chia seeds and almond milk) with 2 T PB2 and 1/2 scoop grass fed whey protein powder added, topped with warmed blueberries, blueberry granola, cacao nibs, pecans and Nutzo peanut butter.

What's happening is what has always been the plan. One of my nutritional goals is to get to a place where I am teaching my body to live off as many calories as I can. Since the age of 16 years old, I have been on and off diets. I have been told by media, friends/family and even "nutrition experts" that in order to be at a healthy weight I must eat "1,200" calories a day.

What I Ate Wednesday

Mid-morning snack, hard-boiled egg and 1/2 maple almond protein bar (recipe test success!)

This is BS. You guys. If we are all constantly only eating 1,200 calories a day, why are we having weight issues to begin with? I have stopped counting calories and restricting calories for over two years now. I experienced rebound weight gain after so many years of calorie restricting. Once I stopped restricting, my body easily gained weight because it only knew how to live off the small calories I was allotting it.  And you know what? It was so worth it.

What I Ate WednesdayWhat I Ate Wednesday

Lunch was a smoked salmon frittata on a bed of spinach with cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and olives with a quick dijon EVOO dressing. Plus a mocha energy bite (stuffed with a dark chocolate covered coffee bean inside!)- another recipe test success!

The weight gain eventually stopped, leveled off and is reversing now that my body can function off of a normal amount of calories. I am purposely and slowly increasing my calorie intake over the next year. At my age and level of activity, I should easily be able to live off ~2,500 calories a day (just giving a number here so you can get a sense of the amount, I don't plan on counting the calories at 2,500 calories a day, either). A lot of fitnessistas do what is called 'reverse dieting', which is slowly adding calories back into your diet. I am choosing to do this, but using an intuitive approach. I am choosing to listen to my body, and as it tells me what I need, I listen.

What I Ate Wednesday

Pre work-out afternoon snack, the other 1/2 of my maple almond protein bar, a banana and Wild Friends chocolate peanut butter with protein.

So, why am I hungry? Because my body is telling me it needs more. My plan is to slowly increase my calories, and teach my body to live off more calories. I also plan on continuing my exercise routine of weight lifting mixed with HIIT exercises and power yoga. Increasing my muscle mass will also allow my body to burn more calories at rest. I will find my happy weight with time, and in the mean time I am enjoying the process and allowing my body to do its thing ;)

What I Ate Wednesday

Dinner and post-workout refuel was this teriyaki stir fry recipe. Added chicken breast instead of soybeans (I don't tolerate soybeans well) and used honey instead of monk fruit extract. I added the rice separately, 1/2 cup brown basmati rice.

There's so many topics, like today's that I want to discuss in detail with you more. My history with yo-yo dieting, my experience with disordered eating (primarily binge eating), learning to heal my relationship with food, more about my experience with rebound weight gain, my personal food beliefs, and so much more. But most importantly, I want to write about what you want to learn from my experiences.  I want to hear from you. What topics would you like me to discuss? Comment below or email me directly at thediehardfoodie@gmail.com.

What I Ate Wednesday

Nighttime snack smoothie! Made with frozen tropical blend (love that pineapple and papaya have wonderful digestive enzymes in them!) with PB2 and almond milk, topped with my beloved cacao nibs.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you, thanks for reading ;)

Nourish yo'self,


P.S.- Get excited for the best green (beverage) recipe(s) tomorrow!