What I Ate Wednesday

Happy hump day my foodies! Today's eats are from this past Saturday. My husband and I went to a brewery to hang out with Meg and her husband on Friday night and I needed a little extra sleep because I went to bed at midnight (which is late for me, ha!). I think  I slept until 7:30am which is AMAZING.

Once I woke up, you know I always start my day the exact same way...a pint of water with lemon and a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar. Shortly followed by a cup of coffee blended with coconut cream and maca powder.

For breakfast, I had my favorite weekend breakfast, high protein peanut butter cup oatmeal! SO GOOD.

Breakfast that tastes decadent, but is full of fiber, healthy fats and packed full of protein! Made with the best flavor combination known to man-kind, chocolate and peanut butter!

After eating breakfast, I worked on my blog for a few hours. I took a break to make my lunch, blackened shrimp and zoodles with an avocado yogurt sauce. I'll post the recipe on Friday!

What I Ate Wednesday

After eating lunch, I took a couple bites of some dark chocolate covered espresso beans and also had an energy bite (no picture, sorry!)

I continued to work through the afternoon, and took a break around 4pm to eat some carrots with a peanut butter yogurt dip. Thanks for the idea, Kelli! I eat this all the time. Why have I never thought to eat it as a dip with vegetables?! That's why I love WIAW posts!

What I Ate Wednesday

Dinner was a date night in and oh so delicious! Nick and I shared this huge bowl of low country boil. A favorite of ours from living in the south! Have you ever tried it? My version is made with red potatoes, corn, chicken andouille sausage, shrimp, seasoned with lots of Old Bay seasoning and eaten with lots of cocktail sauce. We actually added a wasabi/horseradish paste to this to make it more spicy! I plan on posting the recipe for the low country boil in the next month or so.

What I Ate Wednesday

For dessert, I made us another recipe test (three in one day, I was on a roll!) A strawberry peach crisp topped with Siggi's coconut Greek yogurt. In typical me fashion, I didn't measure a single thing, so I will have to make it again if I want to post the recipe. I was really happy how delicious it turned out. I added very minimal amounts of sugar and it was still sweet! Success!

What I Ate Wednesday

I usually have a glass of wine or craft beer on the weekends, but since we went to a brewery the night before, I wasn't in the mood for alcohol. So that was it for eats and drinks for the day!

Your turn: Share something delicious you ate or drank this weekend!

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