What I Ate Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday! Can I just tell you some things in my life that are making me really happy lately?

Sleep. I AM SLEEPING SO GOOD LATELY. (<- It's that exciting to me.) For literally as long as I can remember, I have never been a good sleeper.

But here lately, it has been PHENOMENAL. My brain is like "I can do anything!" when I get enough sleep. And I love it.

Why has my sleep improved? I created a nighttime routine after my sister did a guest post on hers (read about it here). I started using the Sleep Cycle app. I just find it nifty to see my quality of sleep and what affects it. And after a sleepless night last week because of our animals (one barking and the other meowing all night), Nick and I decided to get a white noise machine. And it was a life changing decision. I am obsessed!

Other awesome things? I stopped watching TV immediately after waking up and while eating breakfast. Instead, I am enjoying a silent time in the morning and during breakfast, I write 3 things I am grateful for (<- probably another reason I am in such a good mood.) This was another great suggestion by my sister, who wrote a  post about her morning routine here.

Also, I FINALLY started my cycle again after 8 long months of waiting for it to start after getting off birth control. I was on BC for 12 years non-stop, and I am thrilled the long journey to get my hormones back to their former glory has started.

I am not always in this good of a mood. I have actually been having a lot of stress lately because my week and weekend routine has been so thrown off from such a busy, social schedule this summer (such a first world problem to have). But I took this weekend to really get back into my routine, took the time to get focused with my work and my future goals and decided to start a new morning and nighttime routine to lead to a positive daily mindset.

I notice that my negative mindset and negative body issues always come on days when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed (even though I am an advocate for 'health at every size' and I love my body SO much I want to be open and honest with you that every day is not love and acceptance. Just keeping it real!). Starting the day with things that make me happy makes a dramatic improvement in my mindset the whole day.

Now let's get to the eats! Today's What I Ate Wednesday post is from yesterday!

Per usual, I started the day off with a large pint of warm water with lemon and a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar. Followed by a 1/2 banana and coffee blended with BCAA's, coconut cream, almond milk and maca blend. It's delicious!

I went to the gym afterwards, and did a great lifting session of deadlifts/back/biceps. Once I got home and showered, I enjoyed breakfast and my post-workout meal. I made a smoothie bowl (all ingredients prepped in a smoothie bag on Sunday) made with heaping 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries, 1/4 banana, a few slices of zucchini, handful of spinach, 1/3 cup kefir, 2 T PB2, a scoop of brown rice protein powder (a new find!), and just enough almond milk to combine it all. I don't always measure all my food this precisely, but when I food prep, I find it easier to just use measuring cups. This was topped with Kashi warm cinnamon oat cereal, PB and cacao nibs, but I forgot to snap a pic so enjoy a recycled pic ;)

What I Ate Wednesday

No morning snack needed today since I didn't get hungry again until lunch time. Lunch was delicioussss. And again, all prepped on Sunday. I love how much time it saves me on a daily basis to not have to cook every meal from scratch!

What I Ate Wednesday

Lunch was a sweet potato, massaged kale (in a little bit of ghee and lemon juice), chicken (cooked with ginger, turmeric, chili and cumin powder), pickled onions and sliced cucumbers, all topped with a sweet and spicy cashew sauce that I made forever ago and thawed from the depths of the freezer. I added a little kefir to the cashew sauce to thin it out. Plus a couple of energy bites (made similar to last week's bites) for a sweet end to lunch!

What I Ate Wednesday

Afternoon snackage started off with plain Greek yogurt mixed with PB2 and 1/2 juicy peach, all topped with cinnamon.

What I Ate Wednesday

I got hungry again before leaving work, so I had a hardboiled egg wrapped with a slice of turkey bacon. We had some bacon that needed to be used, so I cooked it up and packed it for a snack! Sounds weird, but it was honestly delishhhhhh.

What I Ate Wednesday

Dinner was one of my favorite's- Greek beef pita wraps! Recipe inspired from this recipe by Avocado a Day Nutrition. This was stone ground, sprouted, whole wheat pita wraps (a new find from Nick, what a cutie looking for stone ground grains!) stuffed with grass fed beef, massaged kale, pickled onions and spinach and topped with a mint-feta-yogurt sauce.


I got hungry and needed a snack before bedtime, so I ate a rice cake with some Boar's head deli meat and mustard. It was just mehhh, a good reminder that I always prefer sweets at nighttime ;)

Your turn: What is making you happy right now? Do you have a morning and nighttime routine to help cultivate a positive mindset?

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