What I Ate Wednesday

Thanks to The Big Man’s World and Sprint 2 the Table for the WIAW linkup, hosted by Peas and Crayons! Side note: My thoughts are with all those affected by the tragedy in Orlando. Watching the news these days have become more and more difficult. I am so saddened by this man's hatred, but remain confident that love and peace will win. One day...

Today's What I Ate Wednesday post is from this past Sunday.

If I am home, all mornings start the same...big pint of water with lemon and a shot of diluted of apple cider vinegar. After that, I had a cup of Jacked Up Java.

Breakfast today is a FAVORITE weekend breakfast of mine, chocolate peanut butter cup oatmeal with banana! I have been making it higher in protein (with 2 egg whites and 1/2 scoop grass fed whey chocolate protein powder added) so that it will actually keep me full. I love, love, love oatmeal and its a great source of fiber. But if I don't add protein, I am hungry again in like 1-2 hours. I promise you cannot taste the egg in the oatmeal, and is easy way to make oatmeal more filling! I legit eat this PB cup oatmeal like every weekend, I am thinking I need to add this recipe to the blog, don't you think?!

What I Ate Wednesday

For a morning snack, I recipe tested my superfood mocha drink in the "mexican hot chocolate" flavor I had wanted to try (which was a success!) So I now have it in three versions, classic, peppermint and mexican hot chocolate. I should have those recipes on the blog in the next month or so! I also split a LIVE soda kombucha with Nicholas.

Lunch was random, but honestly so delicious! I tested out Friday's recipe, a spinach salad made with strawberries, celery, pickled onions paired with a sweet and tangy yogurt dressing. With this, Nick and I made fish tacos using snapper he had recently caught, marinated in kimchi juice and spices. I also made a quick asian slaw with a cabbage + wasabi mayo + dollop of plain Greek yogurt + ginger.

What I Ate Wednesday

No afternoon snack, but I did take bites of the food prep I did for the week. I took a bite of the energy bites I made, and a lick or two of the overnight oatmeal to make sure it tasted right ;) I also juiced some vegetables, and drank a small jar of that as well.

What I Ate Wednesday

Dinner was grilled chicken, some of it had a homemade BBQ sauce on it and some if had TJ's coffee garlic BBQ rub on it. Eaten with mashed potatoes (I added a splash of 2% milk, chicken bone broth and spices to it), pickled cucumbers and grilled asparagus. Of course, sriracha was added.

What I Ate Wednesday

I was still hungry after dinner, so I had a nighttime snack/dessert. I mixed plain Fage Greek yogurt with lemon zest and juice of 1/2 lemon, topped with strawberries (they had a tiny bit of raw sugar added on top, YUM), raspberries, graham cracker and pecans. This was so good! I also had a berry detox herbal tea with a squeeze of lemon for my liver.

Nick and I have had so many weddings and social events on the weekends lately, as we typically do in the summer. Honestly, because I don't drink very much anymore (in comparison to my college days :)), the alcohol really messes with my stomach and makes me feel tired and a bum for days after drinking. But, I feel so fortunate to have these opportunities to make wonderful memories and yes, sometimes drinking alcohol is part of that. Plus, as a foodie, I love fine red wine and craft beer! For me, it is not at all about the calories or that drinking my not be "healthy". What I struggle with is when I don't feel like myself for days after drinking. So I do what I can the days after to get myself back to normal, and am just choosing to embrace this busy moment in my life where every weekend lately seems to involve a drink or two (or three).

What I Ate WednesdayWhat I Ate Wednesday

And that was it for this day. See you guys again on Friday for the salad recipe!

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