What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday is a popular link-up between food bloggers, started by Jenn at Peas and Crayons, to showcase what they typically eat in a day. Time for another round of eats...this week is from last Wednesday!

It was a gym day, I almost always do leg day on Wednesday. What can I say? I am a creature of habit :)

I started the day by drinking lots of water, taking a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar and having a cup of Jacked Up Java (with 1/2 T MCT oil) and a banana for pre-workout fuel.

What I Ate Wednesday

When I got home from the gym, I showered and enjoyed a sweet potato berry smoothie bowl. SO good. I'll add the recipe in the next few weeks! Made with PB2 and Bodylogix grass fed whey protein powder, and topped with 1/2 cup cinnamon Puffins, 1 T cacao nibs and 1 T peanut butter.

What I Ate Wednesday

For lunch, I had a big spinach salad topped with grilled chicken, quinoa, cucumber, beets and a mustard-olive oil-apple cider vinegar dressing. This is actually a picture of my lunch on Thursday, but it was basically the same (except I had chicken sausage instead of grilled chicken).

I finished off lunch with a small mandarin orange and a bite of candied ginger.

What I Ate Wednesday

For afternoon snackage, I enjoyed a yogurt bowl made with Fage plain Greek yogurt, topped with a cinnamon maca energy bite (recipe will also be added, soon!), 1 t cacao and frozen berries. Sorry I forgot to snap a pic :)

Dinner was random as I was trying to use up bits and pieces of food in the house before leaving on Thursday. It turned into a spicy tomato-shrimp-chicken sausage pasta dish that actually was really good! Made with whole wheat penne pasta, local shrimp, Trader Joe's jalapeno chicken sausage, Trader Joe's marinara sauce, lots of veggies and lots of red pepper flakes.

What I Ate Wednesday

And in typical me fashion, I had to the end the meal with just a bite of something sweet. Today it was a bite of Puffins. Random, again, but delicious. I'm crushing hard of Puffins right now.

That's it! Your turn:

Share some of your favorite food products/brands/food combinations below!

Nourish yo'self,