What I Ate Wednesday


Is it Wednesday already again?! That means its time for another What I Ate Wednesday!

It's been awhile since I've shared the WHY behind the reason I do these daily eats posts. It's not to have you compare or judge my eating, your eating or anyone else's eating habits. It's not to manipulate your eating habits to look just like mine.

One of the main reasons I like to share my daily eats posts is to emphasize the quantity of food and "calories" (I never think of food in that way though) needed to live my life. From working with clients and discussing this need to eat enough in our free Facebook group, Nourishing Minds Tribe, I know many struggle with this concept. So I do feel that these type of posts are helpful in showing what I mean why I say EAT ALL THE FOOD (a saying all my clients know too well)!

Yesterday started off as it almost always does, with my morning routine of warm water (no lemon today, boo) and Jacked Up Java. I made it with just MCT oil and heavy cream this particular day.

A couple hours after waking up and having a leisurely  morning, I ate a breakfast of a snack plate as there is none of my usual go to's in the fridge right now. Roast beef + spicy mustard, jalapeno olives, cheese, nuts and a peach.

What I Ate Wednesday

I went on a walk with a fellow, local self-employed nutritionist in the area and it was so nice to spend the morning outside before working for the day! It actually ended up raining almost the rest of the afternoon yesterday (which is not typical here in Florida, usually it just pours daily for like ten minutes) so it was perfectly timed.

After getting back from walking and working for a couple hours I took a sort-of-ish break to eat lunch. I am working on completely separately myself from working while eating...but I will admit its harder than I thought it would be!

Lunch was spiralized carrots, roasted potatoes, smoked salmon, all smothered in Chosen Foods chipotle ranch dressing and topped with pumpkin seeds. Oh, and I had a few bites of watermelon while cooking this. I love summer fruit  :)

What I Ate Wednesday

Lunch dessert was a peanut butter stuffed date!

What I Ate Wednesday

I spent the afternoon on client calls, at the gym and finishing up work for the day. After the gym I made a smoothie with frozen berries, collagen peptides, peanut butter and coconut milk. I added granola, cacao nibs and more peanut butter on top...I was having an extra snacky kind of day so I listened to what my body was asking and didn't question it. I took some more bites of granola until I decided my craving was satisfied.

What I Ate Wednesday

Around 6:30pm, I closed my computer for the night and got to cooking dinner! Simple meal of taco meat (grass fed meat with spices chipotle + chili + turmeric + dried cilantro + dried oregano + cumin + turmeric + s/p), more spiralized carrots and zucchini, and loaded with all the guacamole. Topped with pumpkin seeds and sriracha (the pumpkin seeds sound weird but they add a really nice crunch!)

What I Ate Wednesday

And that's it for yesterday!

Tell me: Something delicious you've eaten this week!