What I Ate Wednesday


Happy hump day! Let's get to it, shall we?

This was everything I ate yesterday. Started off with my usual morning routine including 4 cups of warm lemon water and writing down my gratitude items/manifestation.

Before I went to the gym, I had 1/2 scoop of Perfect Ketones.

Then I went to the gym with the hubby. But basically stretched and foam rolled the whole time. I did a few sets of bodyweight squats and lunges, but I am keeping the intensity very low. I've noticed as my stress levels increased over this past month, I've had much  more tense muscles. So my primary focus right now is restorative exercises to improve stress levels and working on releasing the tension in my muscles right now. It feels really good and I just love intuitive exercise! For so long I would force myself to work out even if didn't want to. These days I'm all about movement that makes me feel good. Some days its hardcore weight lifting and cardio yoga. But there are days and sessions of life where I just don't think its appropriate nor needed. And I love that I am in tune with my body enough to know that!

Once I got back from the gym, I made Jacked Up Java and shortly afterwards had a loaded yogurt bowl for breakfast! Last week I told you guys I was trying out different yogurts to give my clients different options. Honestly, I did NOT like the coconut yogurt. So this week, I am trying the goat's milk yogurt. Slightly different taste, but I REALLY like it! So today's yogurt bowl consisted of plain goat's milk yogurt, ground flax meal, sprouted pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs, a heavy dash of cinnamon and local raw honey. Hits the spot every time :)

What I Ate Wednesday

Lunch was DELICIOUS. I actually kinda/sorta food prepped this week and it paid off with lots of FLAVA in my lunch this week, YUM.

Spinach, broccoli sprouted, pulled rotisserie chicken, tomato basil salad, roasted potatoes, lots of olive oil, and a balsamic glaze.

What I Ate Wednesday

As usual, chocolate finished the meal off. Today it was a bite of 88% dark chocolate and some dark chocolate covered coffee beans (I had a little more than pictured here). My second fav chocolate flavor combo is chocolate and coffee, although nothing ever compares to the classic chocolate peanut butter combo :)

What I Ate Wednesday

I quickly realized I didn't pack quite enough for lunch this day, and unfortunately had not packed much food with me. I got pretty hungry a couple hours after lunch- so I ate what I had available, dark chocolate and peanut butter. I wasn't in the mood for chocolate again necessarily, BUT then again I can always eat some chocolate :)

What I Ate Wednesday

And for dinner, I made this sheperd's pie recipe from Paleo Grubs...However I made it with potatoes...cause carbs :) (I ate almost all that is pictured here)

What I Ate Wednesday

Oh and I snuck in some liver into this too. Totally undetectable and a great way to sneak it one of the best superfoods out there! Liver is like mother nature's multivitamin. Not gonna lie I don't love touching it, but I love the way it makes me feel after eating it!

I ended the night with a nugget piece of a frozen banana and turmeric milk made with coconut milk.

Such a delicious day :) I usually have drinks like kombucha, green tea and bone broth- but wasn't it much of a beverage-y mood today. So other than the coffee and turmeric milk I just had lots of water to drink!.

See ya back on Friday for part 2 to Monday's post!