What I Ate Wednesday


Good morning and happy Wednesday my foodies! Today is my 50th "What I Ate Wednesday" posts...kinda crazy isn't it?! If you are looking for more daily eats style posts click here!

Today's post is all my eats from yesterday...

...Start off I had my morning routine of warm lemon water. I usually wait to drink coffee until after I work out (not that I work out every morning), but today I wanted it before! Jacked Up Java, you are so so delicious :)

After I got back from the gym, I had some bone broth and 1/2 scoop of Ketones.

I waited a couple hours and once I got hungry I enjoyed a breakfast of a big yogurt bowl. I've been curious about the coconut milk based yogurts and how they taste, so I bought that this week to see what I thought! I always want to try and taste and experiment as much as I can for my clients, that way I can recommend different options for those clients of mine that need it! While many do fine with dairy,  certain conditions of the hormones, thyroid and autoimmune conditions are worth experimenting no dairy in the diet...so for those clients of mine that need that I want to make sure I still have delicious options to provide them!

What I Ate Wednesday

This bowl was made with So Delicious coconut yogurt (the unsweetened vanilla flavor) and topped with ground flax meal, almond butter, cacao nibs and lots of cinnamon. In an almost empty almond butter jar :)

Lunch was random food put together from my favorite local health food store, Rollin' Oats. I was out of town this weekend visiting my sister (miss you already Kat!) so I didn't have any time to food prep. Thanks to my fav grocery store for coming to the rescue! Today's lunch was spinach and broccoli sprouts, topped with pre-made potato salad, rotisserie from Rollin' Oats, olive oil, red wine vinegar and mustard.

What I Ate Wednesday

Plus the usual bite of 88% dark chocolate :)

I had planned on making a spheperd's  pie for dinner, but ended up getting home pretty late and not wanting to cook. So instead I sauteed Brussels sprouts and apple chicken sausage in coconut oil and butter, added 2 eggs and spices/sea salt and enjoyed it with 2 slices of gf toast with butter (I had already devoured one of the slices before this pic)!

What I Ate Wednesday

I ended the night with a glass of turmeric milk and a piece of my crunchy and creamy fudge. Oh and another bite of dark chocolate.  Such a yummy day :)

Have a great Wednesday!