What I Ate Wednesday


Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today is another What I Ate Wednesday style post. Click here for more daily eats posts! This was everything I ate this past Monday. It was a weird day, where I went to bed late the night before and woke up early after having friends in town (so freakin' worth it), had a million things to do and didn't have much food in the house to work with. I really didn't have  much of an appetite and since I am eating so much more fats at mealtime to increase my satiety, improve my digestion and regulate my hormones, I didn't eat all that frequently! This was how I ate intuitively on this day. Each day is different though, keep that in mind!

I woke up and did parts of my morning routine, including warm water with lemon and my version of bulletproof coffee. I actually had two caffeinated versions of the drink, which reminded me why I do them half-caffeinated as I was a little too jacked on caffeine this morning. Whoops :) Anyone else as caffeine sensitive as I am?!

Around 11am, I enjoyed a big brunch/lunch. Colby jack cheese as an appetizer followed by a big salad made with spinach, roasted carrots and potatoes and a tuna salad made with wild albacore tuna, avocado oil mayo and mustard. The salad was topped MCT oil as I was all out of the olive oil I usually top my salads with. Oh and saurkraut for those probiotics! And as always, I finished my meal off with chocolate. Today was 88% dark chocolate smothered in TJ's new mixed nut butter (it's so delish!)

I didn't need an afternoon snack today, and after I got out of work I headed to the grocery store to pick up food for the week. I got home and was hungry for dinner, but like I mentioned didn't have my usual appetite for a big meal. So I just enjoyed a delicious yogurt bowl instead! I SWEAR I took a picture of this meal but I cannot find it anywhere on my phone. So just imagine...any almost empty peanut butter jar layered with Siggi's plain full fat yogurt, more peanut butter added (ya can never have enough!), chia seeds, toasted coconut flakes, cacao nibs and a hefty dose of cinnamon. Oh and I added a couple bites of a new fudge recipe I am working on, too! Seriously, so yummy.

After eating dinner I got to food prepping for the week and once I was complete with that, it was time to start my nighttime routine. Turmeric milk, as usual, coupled with snuggle sessions with my hubby and puppy and some reading of my new current fav book, Deep Nutrition. I am seriously SUCH a nutrition nerd. What can I say at least I own it ;)

See ya back later this week!

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