What I Ate Wednesday

Good morning my fellow foodies! Time to gush over everything I ate this past Monday! Y'all know how the day starts. I wake up (today was at 4:30) immediately started my morning routine, including drinking 4 cups of warm water and a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar.

And then I made Nick and I pre-workout coffee, which is my Jacked Up Java with a scoop of collagen added for each of us.

Lately, before we've been heading to the gym I been doing a few minutes of yoga and meditating. Because things have been so hectic with starting the practice, decreasing my hours at work, and a million other things in my mind, I had been putting off meditating. But then I always felt so hectic and chaotic in my mind when I skip it. So I decided I would make it for now one of the very first things I do in the morning, and it has helped me feel present while being productive AF for the rest of the day. Gah, I love the benefits of meditating.

After that, Nick and I went to the gym for leg day and because I am a meathead yogi I was in pure bliss. Nothing like jamming to good music, being present from yoga/meditating and killing your squat session. I know weight lifting can seem intimidating, but to my women out there reading this- the feeling of strength and empowerment from lifting is just impossible to beat.

Once we got back from the gym, I took my usual shower (ending cold) and then heated up breakfast to enjoy. On the menu (this entire week) for breakfast is green curry! I know that sounds SO weird, but it was insanely delicious. I am determined to make the paste from scratch next time, but this time I used a premade paste and made the curry with that, coconut milk, fish sauce and coconut aminos. Added in a ton of veggies and chicken. No recipe per usual :)

I enjoyed the curry with rice I mixed with shredded (unsweetened) coconut and topped it with kimchi, pickled ginger and sriracha. Enjoyed with a side of homemade bone broth. YUM. It was so filling I ended up saving some for the next day.

I usually don't need a snack between breakfast and lunch, but today I was super hungry around 10am. Since I don't believe in food rules, I ate! Delicious 4% Siggi's yogurt with peanut butter and cacao nibs.

I also sipped on homemade kombucha throughout the morning.

My snack held me over and I didn't end up eating lunch until 1:30pm (I usually eat it a couple hours earlier). Today's lunch was roasted vegetables and a tuna/sardine salad made with the two fish and avocado mayo and mustard. I added some extra mustard (to help disguise the sardines!) and olives, too. And as always, I finished lunch off with a delicious bite of 80% dark chocolate.

While cooking dinner I enjoyed a blood orange. Dinner was this creamy smokey chipotle pork recipe and sauteed green bananas in coconut oil. I also sauteed leeks, Brussels sprouts and kale in an iron skillet with bacon fat and maple syrup. Twas a delicious meal!

And lastly, I enjoyed some turmeric milk before going to bed as part of my nighttime routine.

See ya back on Friday, have a great day my loves!