What I Ate Wednesday

Hey hey! How ya doing today?! I am SUPER sore from a brutal leg day from Monday (I am typing this on Tuesday night) so as soon as I'm finished typing this I am going to take an epsom salt bath. Some of  my favorite forms of self-care also happen to be wonderful at helping muscles recover. I'll take it! Hopefully tomorrow I won't be limping as I walk. Oh goblet squats... Alright to the eats! Everything I ate today...which is Tuesday. Yesterday. Let's do it.

I am pretty big on morning routines as they make me feel present, organized and start my day off on the right foot. I always start the day with 4 cups of warm water, and usually a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar but I was completely out of it today. Don't you hate it when you go to the grocery store and forget just ONE thing?! For me its always apple cider vinegar. Despite using it daily I still somehow always forget it at the grocery store! Ugh.

After my water I had a cup of Jacked Up Java made with grass fed butter instead of coconut cream. I typically drink this on rest days or days I do yoga in the morning, and drink a similar version with collagen added on days I lift weights in the morning.

Once I was done with reading and slowly sipping my coffee I went to the garage (my "hot yoga" studio) and did some basic yoga and stretching. I had planned on doing BUTI yoga which is my "cardio" but was super sore and not feeling it so I just took it easy. And it felt great!

After yoga and showering, I did a quick meditation session (also part of my morning routine) and then enjoyed breakfast. I sauteed roasted delicata squash with spinach and grass fed beef in a wee bit of ghee and added whole cumin seeds, chili powder and ginger. Topped with sea salt and kimchi. YUM. On the side I had some homemade bone broth made with a mixture of chicken and beef bone marrow bones.

While I ate breakfast I wrote down 3 things I am grateful for. I am trying to form the habit of doing this every morning, it always makes me feel so much more positive when I do!

On the way to work I enjoyed a matcha latte because yesterday was my Monday and I needed it. I try to not rely on caffeine too much, but sometimes ya just need a little extra!

Breakfast kept me full all morning long at work, and around 11:30am I enjoyed lunch. Y'all, I know my food always looks like poo but I promise it tastes delicious! This lovely terrible picture is my lunch: rotisserie chicken, roasted carrots and green beans (with curry powder), mustard and a kombucha salad dressing I am recipe testing. I also had some TJ's cheddar cheese and Siggi's full fat yogurt with local honey and cinnamon on the side. OH and a bite of 80% dark chocolate.

Later on in the afternoon I sipped on homemade kefir (made with raw whole milk from the farmer's market) with honey, ginger and cinnamon added. Sorry for no pic! When I got home I had a small blood orange before eating dinner. Have you tried these yet?! So good!

And dinner was this recipe for one pan sheet chicken and chorizo. I used carrots, cabbage, celery and radishes because that's the veggies I had on hand. It was super delicious, easy to make and easy clean up too. It's a recipe I would make again for sure!

Once I am done with this post I am going to enjoy some turmeric milk and start my nighttime routine. Tonight it is going to involve the epsom salt bath I mentioned earlier as well as reading and journaling.

Tell me, do you have a morning and/or nighttime routine? If not, what are the challenges you have in creating one?Here is a post here and here by my sister on  hers, I plan on writing a post on mine soon as well!