What I Ate Wednesday

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I know I sure did! I took an entire week and half off work (both my real job and my side hustle), a break from social media and even a break from exercising! I also slept soooo much clocking in multiple 10-12 hour days of sleep- cannot remember the last time I have even slept past 7am lately, and man did it feel good! Plus I got to spend so much time with loved ones, friends and family- so my heart and soul are truly rejuvenated. I woke up yesterday ready to get back to routine and enjoyed every minute of it, including getting up at 4:30am, going to work and cooking again! It's crazy how just a small break from your normal routine and giving your body a break from all the stressors (even if they are positive stressors like exercise) can do for you mentally. I am ready to slay 2017, and I hope you are too!

My 2017 is starting off with part work and part play. I signed up for the Food Entrepreneur Summit and I am looking forward to spending the next week and a half learning as much as I can and then taking that information to plan my business goals for 2017.

And EVEN better is Clemson won the playoffs so we are headed to the National Championships, where I live! This weekend Nick and I are hosting 14 of our friends and I cannot wait to celebrate all weekend long.

Now to the eats! This is from yesterday...

This was my first day back at my typical routine of drinking 4 cups of warm water and a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning. Felt. So. Good. Try it, I promise it will wake you up (and your digestion) just as easy as coffee! After that I enjoyed a cup of Jacked Up Java, made with grass fed butter instead of coconut milk or cream. It's super yummy either way but lately I have been digging the butter in my coffee. I know it sounds weird...but just try it, k?!

After my coffee, I did a quick session of BUTI yoga followed by a cold shower and then this new year meditation. My sister gifted me with a meditation pillow, journal and crystals to help me create a better atmosphere for my morning meditation and it helped! I left the meditation feeling present and not overwhelmed by the to-do list.

After meditating I enjoyed breakfast. On Monday (which was my Sunday this week) I food prepped by making this recipe for sausage and gravy and cooking a spaghetti squash. I added a little bit of kale and made a super quick and satisfying breakfast! I also had homemade bone broth on the side.

On my way to work I enjoyed a matcha latte and a couple hours later after getting to work I got hungry so I had whole milk plain Siggi's yogurt with apple butter, almond butter and a dash of cinnamon. Such a delicious combo!

I sipped on some homemade kombucha later on in the morning. And then enjoyed lunch around noon. A hodge podge of foods in the house currently. Rotisserie chicken, roasted turmeric broccoli, okra pickles, a little bit of cheese plus olives. I also had a handful of some delicious flavored coconut strips, I am so obsessed with these right now! Plus a bite of 88% dark chocolate :)

In the afternoon I had a jar full of (not-pictured) homemade kefir flavored with a small dash of raw sugar, cinnamon and ginger.

After getting home from work and taking Porter on a walk, I warmed up dinner. Dinner was leftovers from the night before, this recipe for paleo sheperd's pie. While I am not "paleo" as I am soooo not about food labels I definitely eat a lot of food that would qualify as "paleo". Eat what your body is telling you! I tend to enjoy those type of foods best, and so does my digestion. It's not about labeling your eating but rather finding what makes you feel radiant and energized.

And as usual, I ended the night with a big mug of turmeric milk. To make I take warm almond milk (or raw whole milk, depending on what I have on hand) and blend it with a huge dash of turmeric, a dash of cinnamon, honey or stevia and a pinch of black pepper.