What I Ate Wednesday

You guyzzzzz. It's the HOLIDAYS. I am too excited to head home with Nick and our fur baby, Porter, on Friday for a week in Clemson, Greenville, Salisbury, Asheville and Atlanta. Hitting all my favorite places in the south in one week?! YES.

I love the holidays because it's typically the only time of the year Nick and I  come home. The Carolina's hold such a special place in my heart (and Nick's!) and I love getting to see all of our favorite people. That's my favorite thing about this time of the year, getting to see the people I love.  I have so much gratitude for having so many loved ones, friends and family,  in my life.

I think the gift-giving around this time of the year is a little out of hand though, it's as if the entire country has forgot the purpose of the season! Nick and I have decided this is our last year for gifts and have already started that progression this year. We bought concert tickets to see the Avett Brothers and Grouplove for our Christmas gifts to each other and my mom is giving my sister and I a trip to Asheville as part of our Christmas gift. I would much rather focus on experiences than external sources of happiness. Did I just sound like a hippy?! Forgive me :)

Anyways I hope your holidays are spent with people you hold near to your heart and I will be feeling extra grateful this year for having you in my life! You are the reason I write on here weekly and you are the reason I am pursuing my dream of having my own business in 2017. Thank YOU for your constant support to DF!

Now enough with the sappiness...onto the eats!

This day of eats is from last Monday. I started the day off with a big ol' 4 cups of warm water. I usually drink diluted apple cider vinegar in the morning too, but I am currently experimenting with doing this before meals instead of first thing in the morning. After drinking water I made my "preworkout" coffee made with 1 scoop collagen, grass fed butter, maca, a spoonful of raw sugar and some freshly grated nutmeg. Blended and enjoyed with a date on the side as part of my preworkout fuel.

When I got back from the gym (wobbling back because it was a brutal leg day!), I took a cold shower and then devoured breakfast. Grass fed beef with kale and fresh cherry tomatoes (both from local farmers!) sautéed in ghee and topped with oregano, sea salt and olives. With a side of homemade bone broth!

On my way to work I enjoyed a matcha latte, this particular one was made with unsweetened almond milk and stevia.

Morning snacks included plain whole milk Greek yogurt with my paleo gingerbread no bake brownies and a slice of Simple Mills pumpkin bread. I was HUNGRY post leg-day and immediately realized I probably did not pack enough food with me this day. Whoops :)

A little later on I slowly sipped on homemade kombucha (fermented tea) flavored with spirulina. Taste just like the Multi Green one GT's makes...I love it!

Lunch was all food prepped on Sunday. Miso marinated chicken (recipe here) with roasted carrots and peppers, topped with lemongrass sriracha.

About twenty minutes after eating lunch I was still hungry, so I enjoyed 1/2 cherry pie larabar from a stash of "just in case" foods I keep in my purse. Thank goodness for that stash!

Afternoon snackage was homemade kefir (fermented milk). I make it at home now with raw whole milk because it has wayyyyyy more probiotics than the store bought stuff. I flavored it with some local, raw honey (helps with allergies and taste divine) and cinnamon and ginger. A little bit before I left work I enjoyed the other 1/2 of the Larabar from earlier, too (sorry no pic).

Dinner was an egg hash...a tradition in my house the night after I roast a whole chicken. I always add a ton of vegetables and potatoes underneath the chicken and while it cooks all the delicious fat from the chicken drips on the veggies and it is SO YUMMY. I love roasting a whole chicken because it gives me numerous servings of meat, I make bone broth with the leftover bones and HELLO egg hash.

This egg hash was made with said leftover potatoes + veggies plus farm fresh eggs and topped with sea salt and a honey mustard sauce (made with homemade mayo).

As always, I ended my night with a mug of turmeric milk.

If you are wondering more about my eating habits and how I am using food as medicine read this post.

See ya back Friday for a fun breakfast recipe!