What I Ate Wednesday


Hey, hey! I'm back for another What I Ate Wednesday...I think I am going to keep these to biweekly so I can have more time to write posts and give you recipes! What are your thoughts? Just as a reminder, these WIAW posts are not to tell you how to eat. Not to compare. Not to judge. I always fear that someone uses these in that matter, but I continue doing them as they were incredibly helpful for me when I was recovering from disordered eating years ago. It's okay to nourish your body. It's okay to enjoy food. Sometimes that means eating all the kale and sometimes that means drinking all the wine...ya feel me?!

This day of eats is from yesterday!

I had intentions of working out in the morning, but here lately SLEEPING is all that I want to do. I am one of those weirdos who when the alarm goes off I jump out of bed. But the past couple of weeks, I have been sleeping so amazingly and just cannot get out of bed! I take that as a sign that my body needs more sleep. I am in the midst of starting a business while still working full time and running this blog and a million other things. After years of not listening to my body, whether that was undereating (or overeating), over exercising, not letting myself get enough sleep- I'm finally at such a good place with myself, my body and my relationship with my health. I will do whatever is necessary to ensure I do not over stress my body. The best part? My mind is so, so sharp and my work is getting DONE because I am simply listening and resting when needed!

I started the day off with the usuals...a quart of warm water, a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar and a big mug of Jacked Up Java (read this post to find out why I drink my coffee this way). I enjoyed my java curled up on the couch with Nick and our puppy, and it was blissful.

Instead of working out, I just did some quick fascia blasting, took a cold shower and then went to making breakfast. I was HUNGRY.

Breakfast was amazing and my jam right now. Kabocha squash, apple chicken sausage and kale sauteed in ghee and spiced with salt, cinnamon, smoked paprika, ginger and cayenne. Topped with a curry vinaigrette and farm fresh, local goat cheese. On the side I had homemade bone broth and a shot of probiotics (that's the purple looking thing, its made with beet and ginger).

What I Ate Wednesday

On the way to work I enjoyed a matcha latte made with a pretty small spoonful of matcha, raw whole milk, stevia and collagen.

I was SUPER hungry all day this day, so an hour or so after I got to work I had 1 1/2 of my paleo gingerbread no bake brownies. A spin on this recipe, coming to the blog soon! SO good.

What I Ate Wednesday

I also sipped on homemade kombucha and warm water throughout the day, too.

But before 11am I was just too hungry...so I ate! Easy, peasy. Stupid food rules of when we should eat. Nothankyou. I'll eat when my body asks! On the menu today was spaghetti squash beef pad Thai. Another recipe coming to the blog so soon, I cannot wait to share it! I made it with local, grass fed ground beef and topped it with kimchi, sriracha (duh) and pickled ginger. My kind of heaven :)

The pretty, photographed version.
The real life version :)

Oh and I also had like two bites of dark chocolate covered coffee beans. 'Cause chocolate.

What I Ate Wednesday

Around 2:30pm or so I had some homemade kefir I blended with pomegranate, raw and local honey, cinnamon and ginger. Y'all. I'm not gonna lie. Homemade kefir tastes SO different than the stuff at the stores. Like it's bacteria-y tasting. Which signals to me that the stuff in the store probably doesn't have near the same probiotic content as homemade. Still figuring out how to flavor it, any other suggestions?

What I Ate Wednesday

I also had this with piece of turkey jerky I keep in my purse for just-in-case purposes. For days like this where I am HUNGRY. ALL. DAY.

When I got home, I had a quick snack because I knew dinner wouldn't be ready for over an hour. A big dollop of whole milk plain Greek yogurt with peanut butter, dashed with cinnamon and pomegranate arils did the trick.

What I Ate Wednesday

And lastly, for dinner I made PaleOMG's buffalo chicken casserole. Nick was in heaven. I was in heaven. I only ate about half the casserole shown because it was super filling.

What I Ate Wednesday

And you know how I always end my night! A big ol' mug of turmeric milk.

What I Ate Wednesday

I hope you have a great rest of your week!