Weekend Recap + Link Love

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning. I slept in for a change (well, until 7 am...but that's sleeping in for me!) and it felt SO good to get some extra sleep. I've had a slow morning filled with matcha lattes, Bob Marley radio station on Pandora and I made these paleo coconut flour pancakes . I added cinnamon, vanilla extract and dark chocolate to the mix. And topped with banana, cacao nibs and peanut butter. Delishhhhh.  Weekend Recap + Link Love

How was your weekend? I've had a nice mixture of fun and productivity, which is my favorite kind of weekend. Nick and I went to see Gary Clark Jr on Thursday night and it was absolutely amazing. One of my favorite concerts to date. He is mesmerizing to watch on the guitar!

Weekend Recap + Link Love

After work on Friday, I met some friends for happy hour at a wine bar. I had a glass of Cabernet and for dinner, basil salmon with haricot verts (aka green beans) and olive tapenade. And then went to bed embarrassingly early :) I was so tired from being up late the night before at the concert, I do not function well at all without sleep!

Saturday I primarily worked on the blog, but took a break and watched Kill Bill with Nick and our friends. I love Quentin Tarantino films (Inglorious Bastards is one of my favorite movies) but I have never seen the Kill Bill movies! My friends are all craft beer enthusiasts like myself, and had collected various types of stouts to drink for the occasion. I actually didn't drink, but I took sips of all the delicious beers.

Weekend Recap + Link Love

Today, I plan on working on the blog, getting my food prep done for the week and taking Porter to the dog beach. The weather here in Florida is absolutely amazing right now, in the mid 70's! Gotta soak it all in now, before it gets too humid to enjoy the outdoors.


I've read so many good blog posts and articles over the past week, I had to share for all my foodies and nutrition nerds out there:

What Food Bloggers Eat for Breakfast by Hummusapien

Mindfulness Training Cools Inflammation (another reason to start meditating, more on this later this week!)

Could the Right Bacteria Help Save Children from Malnutrition? (gah, probiotics are so amazing)

Organic Meat and Milk Higher in Healthful Fatty Acids (one of the reasons I purchase organic meat and dairy)

Cholesterol in Eggs May Not Hurt Heart Health (duh, its about time egg yolk stopped getting a bad rep!)

Fresh Avocado-Substituted Diet Significantly Changes Lipid Profile (another reason to eat that #avocadotoast)

Fat Cats On a Diet- Will They Still Love You? (this just made the crazy cat lady in me so, so happy)


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Nourish Yo'self,


P.S.- Come back tomorrow for round 2 of food prep and planning for healthy living!


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