Week in Review #2


Happy Friday folks! I hope you've had a wonderful week! I've honestly felt a little wonky all week with the beginning of my follicular phase (i.e. that time of the month) and being extra fatigued lately so its been an off week but that's okay! I listened and slept lots of extra hours, no exercise, got a massage and got adjusted by my chiropractor, and now I'm feeling much more like myself! That's life, sometimes we just don't feel 100% and that is OKAY.

I've also been looking forward SO MUCH TO THIS WEEKEND because we are installing the floors in my office! Hopefully next Friday I'll have all the pics to show you of my new and improved office :)

And now for eats this past week!

Lots of yogurt bowls with all the toppings for breakfast this week...

Week in Review
Week in Review

Or eggs and bacon with sauteed potatoes and kale. YUMMMMM.

Week in Review

Lunch this week was either roasted potatoes, green beans and crockpot honey dijon chicken (with cheese added...always.add.cheese)...

Week in Review
Week in Review

Or a tuna sandwich!

Week in Review

Dinners this week included this chicken tortilla soup recipe...

Week in Review

...I didn't snap a pic but one day we also made an Asian dish with sauteed veggies and chicken, brown rice noodles and an almond butter sauce.

We got our meat for the month from Butcher Box so this made making dinners that much more exciting! If you want to try Butcher Box use this code for $10 off your first order and FREE BACON (and free shipping). #teambacon

Week in Review

Last night we used the meat for a random meal of ground beef from Butcher Box, enchilada sauce, sauteed kale, soaked and cooked rice and toppings of cheese (all.the.cheese.lately), cilantro and green onions...

Week in Review

And I'm eating it for leftovers as I type this for an early lunch :)

We also made these pumpkin bars for snacks and dessert this week and DAMN they are so good! Already planning on making them again next week! Also, didn't snap ANY of the  pics of my snacks this week because they are always random...fruit, cheese, nuts, chocolate, these pumpkin bars, etc. Just whatever I have on hand!

Things I'm obsessed with this week:

Week in Review

Utterly obsessed with this podcast currently. I've always been a believer in manifestation and the law of attraction, but recently I've delved DEEP into it and setting our business and my life to align with it as much as I can because I'm such a believer. I love when people can bring such abstract topics such as quantum physics and the law of attraction and make it easy to understand and relatable, and Jess does just that.  Highly recommend listening if that intrigues you!

This blog post by my girl Georgie was amazing.  Discussing hating diet culture, NOT the dieter (because shaming doesn't help anyone!). She will also by on the podcast next week (eek!!)

This blog post by Davida about self love.

And lastly, a new podcast episode aired today on the Nourishing Women Podcast! All about hormonal acne!  In the episode we discussed:

  • Why its okay to not have perfect skin!

  • Other factors at play- its not just hormones

  • The hormones involved with hormonal acne: cortisol, androgens, estrogen and progesterone

  • How the BC pill can indeed be a treatment for hormonal acne

  • What to do about hormonal acne- hormone acne and topical treatements

  • Using food as medicine and specific nutrients for optimal health.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes, on Sticher or on our website!

Alright that is it for this week- have a great weekend! See you back next week and make sure you join in on the fun we are having next week in the tribe celebrating our Year 1 launch of Nourishing Minds Nutrition!