Week in Review


Hello and happy Friday! Trying to keep up with the theme of these Friday blog posts to show eats and other fun things from the week :) These are fun to write so I hope you are enjoying them to!!

This week I didn't do a great job of taking pictures of all my food, but a lot of it was repetitive which may be why I blanked on taking pics.

The week started actually with finally finishing these open shelves to open up the front of our house/into our living room (we live in a pretty small place).

This Week in Review
This Week in Review

Lots of eggs for breakfast this week...

This Week in Review
This Week in Review

I tried this old combo I used to love for breakfast one day...sweet potato, cacao nibs and peanut butter. I loved it, but didn't think it was "just like dessert" like my silly mind used to think :)

This Week in Review

Lunch was pretty much the same everyday this week...roasted chicken and green beans, cucumber tomato salad (made with lots of fresh dill, my current obsession), roasted potatoes, sometimes some spinach with this too and topped with tons of feta cheese and olives. And chocolate and fruit with this too!

This Week in Review

I totally forgot to take pictures of dinner this week! This is the only one I got from last night when Nick and I went and had tacos, margaritas, chips and guac after getting our taxes done :)

This Week in Review

Other delicious things I ate for dinner this week...pasta with salmon, green beans and all covered in pesto...green curry with brussels sprouts, peppers and white rice and an egg hash with lots of potatoes and cleaned the "kitchen sink" of the veggies left in the house.

I made this fudge recipe this week too and Nick and I having been enjoying it all week :)

This week Meg and I had our Year 2 Business meeting and it gave me all the amazing feels...

This Week in Review

And then this amazing flower truck came to the coffee shop we were working at and of course I had to snap a pic! Man, I LOVE St Pete!

This Week in Review

And lastly we launched a new episode on the Nourishing Women Podcast today! We had the most amazing guest and close friend, Meg Faletra, on the podcast to discuss all things sustainability and food culture.

We discussed:

How the current food system plays a role in chronic malnutrition and what we can do to make a positive impact.

How we can take ownership of our food choices and make decisions that honor and support the people who grow our food.

The importance of consume awareness when it comes to global trade.

How diet culture robs us of our food culture.

How local and seasonal correlates perfectly with intuitive and instinctual eating.

What we can do to take action today!

I truly hope you give the episode a listen! It truly moved me in  so many ways and I feel so empowered to make changes in the way I purchase and consume from Meg's guidance. You can listen on iTunes, on Sticher or on our website!

Have a wonderful weekend loves!