Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

Today, I’m grateful to partner with adidas to discuss small ways we can make changes to make a collective, bigger impact in our environment. We often discuss ways to live with more intention towards the environment on the podcast, and I’m excited to start bringing this conversation to the Victoria Myers as well!

Since World Oceans Day is quickly approaching, it is also aligning to discuss how our actions can impact the vital importance of our oceans and the role they play in sustaining a healthy planet.

As with everything I recommend or suggest, its all about being realistic and working towards larger and larger impact through small, small actions. This makes living a more sustainable lifestyle vastly more approachable, especially for the long term.

Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

small ways to make a big impact

create a capsule wardrobe

Truthfully, I haven’t switched all my clothes to environmentally friendly made or second hand purchases. While I have purchased a small handful of things this way, I still find it hard to find things that fit my personal style.

So to reduce my fast fashion intake, I’ve been focusing first on creating capsule wardrobes for a couple months at a time. I first started doing this early on in my pregnancy as an effort to make dressing easier and have continued to do so as my belly grows every couple months. There is something to be said about getting dressed daily and when you work from home that can be really challenging. I was really surprised to discover that creating a capsule wardrobe made me enjoy getting dressed so much more and I’m wearing less pajamas during the day, too…so that’s a win!

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to pick a small handful of clothes- shirts, shorts or pants, dresses, skirts and a couple shoes- that you rotate and wear in different ways. I haven’t been strict with how I create one- but generally have been sticking to around 10 items per capsule wardrobe. Overall, I feel that I am buying less clothes impulsively and putting more intention into what I do purchase so I can wear the purchase in a variety of ways.

Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

clothing and products that are created from recycled plastic

Since one of the primary issues with the health of our ocean is the amount of plastic that is accumulating in it, I’ve been trying to find ways to purchase clothes or products that are made from recycled plastic.

adidas Parley is the official collaboration product line between adidas and Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization that addresses environmental threats towards the oceans, through ocean plastic pollution.

adidas Parley uses plastic from the oceans and creates sustainable footwear and apparel from this recycled plastic. I purchased the adidas Parley shoes months and months ago when I first discovered them, and have loved wearing them during my walks around St Pete including at the bay and the beach.

In addition to shoes, I can sometimes find clothing, leggings and swimsuits made from recycled plastic and if I can find that- I purchase it.

being intentional with new purchases

Instead of focusing on throwing out everything I have in my home and life that is not environmentally conscious, I have been finding ways to use the old things we have, and when we need something new being very intentional with new items brought into our home.

With a baby on the way, we obviously had quite a large investment to make in purchasing new items we didn’t already have on hand. While its not 100% everything we have or purchased (I avoid living in extremes even when it comes to this kind of stuff), we have been overall really thoughtful about what we are using with our baby girl and why. We purchased or asked for primarily organic clothing, towels and bedding, we are using cloth diapers to reduce waste and for the products we will have to throw away- we looked for biodegradable options.

Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

Thank you adidas for sponsoring today’s post!

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Tell me: What are small ways you are working to make a big impact in our environment?