Monday Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

I believe prepping and planning for healthy living is a huge component in making it part of your daily life. Taking a day each week to food prep will save time and money, and having a plan for healthy living will help make your goals attainable. Every Monday I will feature how I food prep each weekend before the work week, as well as my plan for healthy living for the week. 

So last week, I stuck to the exercise plan exactly. My meal plan went almost as planned. We ended up eating at home on Wednesday, as my friend's flight got delayed. And someone (Nickkkkkk) ate all the cauliflower rice on Friday night, so we didn't have any for Saturday. I suppose I should be happy though that he goes back for seconds of the vegetables! I was going to cook the stir fry for Saturday, but was craving green curry from our favorite local Thai restaurant. Nick and I rarely get take out, so I took advantage of me oddly not being in the mood to cook, and enjoyed my favorite curry instead :) On Sunday, I still made the Sante Fe lettuce wraps (recipe coming to you soon!), but for dinner we actually ate freshly caught trout. Nick has been on a roll  lately catching fish, it doesn't get much better than fresh fish!

I did NOT stick to my mental health plan though. I actually am usually pretty good about meditating almost daily and turning off electronics to wound down at night. I did not do this at all last week! While it did not affect my sleep last week, I did feel very worn down and mentally fatigued by the end of the week. All habits to take time to form, and instead of getting upset with myself, I am looking at the new week as an opportunity to try again.  And I want YOU to remember that too, next time you are feeling down for not meeting your healthy eating, exercise or other healthy lifestyle goals. It is not that you lack willpower, but rather the fact that habits to take time to form. It's all about the baby steps that overtime lead to a big changes and become a lifestyle!

Food prep from yesterday:

Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

-Oatmeal for Nick, made with organic 2% milk (I already had some prepped for myself)

-Harboiled eggs

-Roasted sweet potatoes

-Baked spaghetti squash

-Mexican chicken quinoa bake (recipe coming to the blog this week!)

-Sante Fe chicken and bean mixture (for lettuce wraps)

-No bake peanut butter protein bars from The Healthy Maven. I ended up using dates (that needed to be used) and just a little bit of honey. It was a little dry because I didn't follow the recipe exactly, so some of the bars I ended up forming into balls to keep them together. And I just put chopped dark chocolate and cacao nibs, instead of having the chocolate drizzle.

*To make "make-ahead" oatmeal: In a large pot add 1 cup of steel cut oats, 4 cups of liquid of choice (I usually do half milk/half water), 2 T chia or flax seeds, a dash of cinnamon and pinch of salt. Bring to a boil and boil for two minutes. Remove from heat and stir in a splash of vanilla extract. Once cooled, place in Tupperware and store in the fridge overnight. Portion out your serving the next day, and re-heat. Makes 4- 1 cup servings. Just add toppings! Nick adds maple syrup and peanut or almond butter, and you can refer to this post to see how I eat mine. I eat half of a portion to make it FODMAP  friendly for my IBS, which is one of the reasons I add so much to it (to make it more filling).

Meal Plan for the week*:

Meal Plan

*I find I usually stick to the plan probably 80% of the time, if I don't make exactly what I plan I try to at least use the ingredients.

The first two dinner meals are leftover from recipe testing this weekend. This spicy shrimp with orange brown butter sounds too divine, I am planning on making it into a pasta dish, using spaghetti squash instead of pasta (not to be low carb, just because I love veggies). The beef pad thai with spaghetti squash is actually a personal recipe of mine (one I will add to the blog, soon!), but a similar idea for the recipe can be found here. I thought this teriyaki stir fry was an amazing idea (using pineapple to sweeten, love it!) so I plan on making this on Sunday, probably adding in some additional protein like chicken or fish.

Exercise plan for the week:

Monday- Gym before work (deadlifts/back/biceps)

Tuesday- Hot power yoga

Wednesday- Gym before work (leg day)

Thursday- Gym before work (chest/shoulders/triceps)

Friday- rest

Saturday- Hot barre

Sunday- 30 Minute Circuit Workout by PB Fingers + yoga class

I am giving a presentation at USF in St Pete on Monday, and Nick is leaving on Thursday for a bachelor party, so I have most of my workouts planned for the morning this week. As always, I listen to my body, if I need an extra unplanned rest day, I take it.

Sleep and mental health plan for the week:

My sleep and mental health goals are the same as last week. To shut off electronics 30 minutes before I go to bed in order to relax my mind with reading, writing in my journal and/or meditating. My goal with meditating this week is to meditate for 15 minutes 3-4 times this week. I plan on using my sister's guides to help. You can find more about that on Friday's post or here.

Your turn:

Do you food prep and plan out your goals for healthy living for the week? If so, comment below- I love getting ideas from you!

If not, what prevents you from being able to food prep or meal plan? Is there  a way I can help?

Nourish Yo’self,