Monday Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

I believe prepping and planning for healthy living is a huge component in making it part of your daily life. Taking a day each week to food prep will save time and money, and having a plan for healthy living will help make your goals attainable. Every Monday I will feature how I food prep each weekend before the work week, as well as my plan for healthy living for the week.  So last week, I stuck to my plan for healthy eating and exercise almost exactly. The only change I made was last night, we ate trout and flounder (that Nick had caught) with Brussels sprouts (a delicious recipe coming your way on Thursday!) I tested the recipe twice, so we had LOTS of  Brussels sprouts to eat. And when Nick catches fish, we like to eat it almost immediately, so occasionally the meals I plan get postponed in favor of fresh fish. Not a problem in my opinion! I am making the Mexican chicken quinoa bake tonight instead.

Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

Here are the items that I prepped yesterday:

-Oatmeal for Nick (made with organic 2% milk) and oatmeal for myself (made with unsweetened almond milk)*

-Trail mix

-Beet blueberry muffins by Nutrition Stripped

-Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Squash Casserole by PaleOMG (using TJ's spicy Italian chicken sausage, and with spinach, parsley and extra spices)- I made this a couple weeks ago, as you can see in my WIAW post last week, and it was so good, I had to make it again for an easy packed lunch for the week!

*To make "make-ahead" oatmeal: In a large pot add 1 cup of steel cut oats, 4 cups of liquid of choice (I usually do half milk/half water), 2 T chia or flax seeds, a dash of cinnamon and pinch of salt. Bring to a boil and boil for two minutes. Remove from heat and stir in a splash of vanilla extract. Once cooled, place in Tupperware and store in the fridge overnight. Portion out your serving the next day, and re-heat. Makes 4- 1 cup servings. Just add toppings! Nick adds maple syrup and peanut or almond butter, and you can refer to this post to see how I eat mine. I eat half of a portion to make it FODMAP  friendly for my IBS, which is one of the reasons I add so much to it (to make it more filling).

Meal Plan for the week*:

*I find I usually stick to the plan probably 80% of the time, if I don't make exactly what I plan I try to at least use the ingredients.

Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

Exercise plan for the week:

Monday- Circuit workout by Lifting Revolution

Tuesday- Gym before work (deadlift/back/biceps)

Wednesday- Gym before work (leg day)

Thursday- Gym before work (chest/shoulders/triceps)

Friday- rest

Saturday- Hot barre

Sunday- 20 minute AMRAP Workout by Fitnessista

Whenever I am planning my workouts for the week, I consider my work schedule and what is going on in my personal life that week. Nick is going to be gone until late at night on Monday for work, so I am choosing not to go to my typical cardio yoga class, to avoid having Porter crated all day and night. I am SO excited because one of my best friends from college is going to be in town later this week for a conference, so I am planning my workouts in the morning so we can hang out at night after work. As always, I listen to my body, if I need an extra unplanned rest day, I take it.

Sleep and mental health plan for the week:

I make sure to go to bed  at a time that gives me about 8 hours of sleep. However, I have a hard time calming my active mind at night. My goals this week is to shut off electronics (social media, I am looking at you!) 30 minutes before I go to bed in order to relax my mind with reading, writing in my journal and/or meditating.

I am a beginner at meditating, and have found that just like with eating and exercise, setting small, attainable goals and working towards my ultimate goal works best for habit forming. I LOVE the way my mind feels after I meditate, but I always struggle to add it in my day. My goal with meditating this week is to meditate for 15 minutes 3-4 times this week. (Stay tuned later this week for an amazing guest post on how to begin a meditation practice!)

Your turn:

Do you food prep and plan out your goals for healthy living for the week? If so, comment below- I love getting ideas from you!

If not, what prevents you from being able to food prep or meal plan? Is there  a way I can help?

Nourish Yo'self,


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