Monday Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

Happy Monday Morning my foodies! It has been a LONG time since I've last done a prep and plan for healthy living post. I thought I would bring them back once or twice a month to continue sharing my ideas for how I prep for healthy living! For my ideas on how to food prep and meal plan check here. Food prep this weekend included:

Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

-Baked spaghetti squash

-Roasted sweet potatoes

-Roasted Brussels sprouts and butternut squash

-Make ahead steel cut oatmeal

-Homemade cashew milk

-Pumpkin spice tahini salad dressing

-Smoked paprika almond butter

Not pictured: Pumpkin muffins, roasted chicken and bone broth

This week's meal plan:

Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

Egg hash is something I make all the time for dinner, using the leftover potatoes and vegetables roasted from the night before. Here's a recipe if you are looking for one. The spaghetti squash beef pad Thai is a recipe of mine that I am still trying to perfect! The salmon cakes are basically this recipe with a few modifications. The coconut butter salmon is my own recipe you can find here, and the spicy coconut grits are a recipe I will put on the blog soon!

Here is the recipe for the smoked paprika almond butter that I am eating for breakfast. Have you ever tried savory nut butters? So good!

Lunch is another recipe test. It's a fall salad with roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts (with sage and thyme) and a pumpkin spice tahini dressing. And this is the recipe for the pumpkin muffins. They are DELISH, highly recommend making them!

I'll be back Wednesday and Friday and my sister will be back for her Bringing Balance Back series as well.

See you then, have a great week!